`afire love` - ed sheeran 

june seventeenth, nine forty pm

aloha beauties,

oh goodness it's been over a week since i've been online and made a set, gahh i've literally been so busy i couldn't even log in to check my mails or answer comments, so i will try to do those things in this upcoming week. apologies in advance for the length of this description, eight days worth of drama is a lot to remember and try to summarise in one description ❁

so this set's layout / style is inspired by sorcha [ @summer23134 ] and i quite like this colour scheme, i think lilac is such a summery colour and i really want those shoes, gimmeee (◕‿◕✿) 
so we have some really cool doodles in this set, ones which i seem to be adding to a lot of my sets lately and i blame it all on jemma [ @feels-like-snow-in-september ] because she put some in her collection a while back and i saved loads, so it's your fault bby, hate youuuu :* [ ily reallyyy ] 

this set also has zoe [ aka perfect human being ] and i'm super excited for her book, it sounds amazinggg .i'm literally so proud of everything she has achieved including her success and not letting her anxiety and panic attacks effect her too much as she's gone on to achieve and do so many fabulous thingsss! also i want a relationship like zalfie pleaseeee (◕△◕✿)

the set is named after one of the tracks released when pre-ordering ed's album and i am in awe, ed never fails to disappoint, his words and music are magical. the song is so emotional and moving too because it's about ed's grandad and gahhh, ed is my baeee ❁

so a little life update is due i suppose?

umm where to start, um i guess i'm in a much better place now with things in my life. i managed to eliminate awkwardness between me and `you` so we're friends again which is fab, and it means we've been able to hang out in a group again! 

also i've walked home a few times lately with the group including `you` and also with my friends and it's been good to just chill after all the stress of sixth form and work and upcoming stress of uni choices, ughh give me my summer already like sheesshhh.

so all my exams are done, about time. my last exam was a complete catastrophe, and that's not even an exaggeration. we literally had like every worse possible question you could get in one paper, it was horrid, but it's over and done with now and i can re-take it next year if needs be, sighh. 

i also ventured to the open day [ in southampton] i was telling you all about, the trip was all together 285 miles (total - there and back ), yikes. the campus is so cool and the two courses i'm interested in sound incredible so it was really worth going, ahh. my next lot of open days are in the autumn so i'm looking forward to them too ^.^

my description is getting really long but who caressss. i saw the fault in our stars and discussed it with one of my best friends, which resulted in lots of curse words, emojis, tears and fangirling moments. the film is literally amazing, i cannot even put into words how well the story and characters were portrayed. ansel, shailene and nat were amazing as the three main characters, like frick they're my favessss. i'm going to see it again on saturday and i can't wait (◕△◕✿)

i'm not actually on summer break as of yet, since i've been attending my sixth form in order to make a head-start of my year thirteen work. i've dropped welsh as a subject, meaning i do not have to study it anymore, and can therefore concentrate on the three a levels that i need for university. although my parents were unsure of the choice, they have supported me and decided it is beneficial because welsh was a time consuming subject that was causing a knock on effect on my performance in other subjects, so yeahh, hugely relieved about dropping that ^.^

i actually can't think of anything else i wanted to inform you guys of and i'm guessing most of you stopped reading by now, apologies for the awfully long length description

 if you read this then comment your favourite colour for summer, mine is a sky blue or orange ❁

- chlo
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