Rest in Peace to the people who went into work fourteen years ago, completely unaware that it would be the last sunny morning they would get to see. 

Rest in Peace to the innocent who were killed in the wars in the aftermath of 9/11.

Rest in Peace to the public authority figures and emergency response teams who passed away due to illnesses they got in the years following 9/11. 

I send my condolences/empathy to anyone who has been impacted in ANY way, shape, or form because of these dreadful attacks. Whether you were stereotyped, lost someone you cared for deeply; whatever.

I send my gratitude to the law enforcement who tried to save everyone who was hurt, because everyone’s life was important. To the countries who offered their help. To the people who sent their well wishes. Thank you.

I send my love to Muslims everywhere who get bad looks due to the ignorance passed on because of tragedies like this. Stay safe, y’all.

And I pray that no one has to go through anything like this. I pray people realize terror has no religion. I pray people learn to accept each other, or at least coexist. (I know in the world we live in it seems impossible, but please…)


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