Lily Taylor McKinnley
December 7, 2012
Big Apple Interns

“So I quit my job a month ago,” I shifted my eyes from his face to my lukewarm coffee. 

I had been in extreme hibernation since I came home from my parent’s house. Except for work and babysitting, I was holed away in my apartment.

From what I could see, the only reaction Gabriel gave was shuffling his feet underneath the table.

“The magazine or the kid?” 


He kicked my foot, making me look up. He didn’t look pissed but he definitely wasn’t happy. 

“What are you going to do?” I shrugged my shoulder. “Well what the hell have you been doing Lily?”

I sighed deeply. “Living off my savings, selling some illustrations off etsy; I’m kinda at the end of my rope here.”

And now he looked pissed. “You’re kidding my right, how the hell do you keep me out of your life for almost three months and just now come to me for help?”

And now I was pissed. “I’m not coming to you for help you moron, I wanted to say sorry for being a douche. I can handle this on my own.”

“Oh yeah because your landlord is going to be so understanding when you can’t pay your rent,” He snorted, rolling his eyes maliciously. I’ve never seen him so angry. 

“I’m not looking for any handouts,”

“Yeah because mommy and daddy are going to bail you out aren’t they?”

I wanted to throw my coffee at him, I wanted to punch him in his throat, I wanted to do a lot of things before I knew he was right. I already told my parents everything and they were ready to send a truck for my things so I could move back home.

“I don’t need them or you for that matter. I’m a big girl who got myself into this mess and I can get myself out.”

There was a long silence before he looked away from me and out the window. It was the first time I realized there were people paying attention to us in the coffee shop we were in.

“I’m leaving, find me when you’re done being a”

I just really needed (and wanted) to write for Lily again. There's going to be more stories soon, they'll just be shorter like this. 

p.s. I missed you guys!
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