dedicated to @sailorhoe . 
If you guys aren’t following her, I don’t know what you are doing with your life, she’s amazing & gave me incredible advice. I love her ♥.
So everyone, please, show Taylor some love ♥

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You know, it really kills me now. What happened to the world? The world were everyone was nice, you could walk out of your house and be safe, you could meet new people and they will be your best friends, you can turn to people when they need you.

 But now, it’s not like that anymore. So, as you guys know, I want to go on the X Factor, that was my dream, have I not told you guys? I mention it all the time. And, that dream can around in early October. When the X Factor first started this year, my friends would always watch it, and we would joke around about it at school and everything ,it was fun.

 So then, my friend Amanda, told me that I should audition singing WMYB , as a joke , you know? & call myself No Direction. So, as the month ended, I started getting really interested, and decided I wanted to go on for real & actually sing. 

 So I did, horrible covers. Yes, horrible, I didn’t give my effort at all, and just decided to just keep practicing. Then, I noticed my voice changed and my skills got better. So, then I really started to try. All I do, is look up X Factor things guys, and I’m really serious about it. I know I need work, and I really appreciate the people who say I’m good, just need some work, and tell me what I need to improve on .

My top fan guys, is @nerdychic-xx , thank you so much Aurora for really believing in me, you’re a great friend, and I really love you babe ♥ , you kept me going & 
@darrieneisababe , thank you as well, I really love you too , and you’re amazing yourself 
& of course @lovelyduckling , thank you guys ,and so many others on Formspring, & Tumblr & Polyvore, for your support, it really means the world to me (: , You guys ,are the top people to send me messages, other people do, but not as much as you guys ♥. 

 If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. 

People say Justin Bieber can’t sing, when he is the top teen artist in the word, People say they hate Little Mix, when the won the X Factor, People say that MJ couldn’t dance, but he was a millionaire and had millions of fans, People say Stephenie Meyer can’t write, when she sold millions of copies of the Twilight Series & had 5 movies made of them, People say Big Time Rush can’t sing , when they have their own t.v show.

 See what I mean? People are going to love you, and some people will hate you, and most of the time they are JEALOUS . Why do you say you hate me? You don’t even know me, so please keep your opinions to yourself ,that’s why I blocked YT comments on my covers .

 I try staying positive and deleting the messages, saying I can’t sing, but I work so hard, I’m not telling you to say I’m the best & I’m perfect, but you could at least pm me with advice & your nice comment. I don’t want to hear negative comments. I’m sick of it. 

 You watch, I could be famous next year, and you’ll regret what you said. I’m just done guys, I want to leave polyvore and just forget about this sometimes,literally, those comments hurt me , when you say things so mean, you just comment them because you think because you are behind a computer it doesn’t mean anything, but guess what , it hurts me . and I'm tired of it.

 In the words of Justin Bieber,
‘ I love my haters, they always think about me ! Aren’t they sweet?”

I really, you are hurting me.

I never said I’m the best, I’m working so hard, on hitting high notes and everything , & my friends support me & that’s all that matters. 

battle of the seasons enter girls ! 

Summer - 64 points
Alpha: @nomieissoepic [x] - 10
1. @sunny-tulips -
2. @lillyisabanana - 10
3. @noraelizabethxo [x] - 10
4. @prettypenny-xo - 10
5. @silver-sparrow - 10
6. @janiefer -

& battle of the barbies enter as well ! 

1. @brookforever +1
2. @summeradriana-xo -2
3. @brianna-xoxo +1
4. @xo-diiona +2
5. @nomieissoepic -2
@trendychic53 thank you for another chance, love ♥.

~ stay strong, stay beautiful, stay fearless .
xx - nomie [ isSOepic ] ♥
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