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collab with the amazing @starstruckkspasms 

elena kingsley;;

Wembley Arena was jam packed. The lights overhead in the large stadium were still on as the band had yet to come out. People about were already filling up solo cups to the brim, chattering excitedly some of them standing on the stairs blocking my way. This was something i had not prepared for but than i again i wasn't exactly prepared when i got asked to come along. See i had met Jac when she first moved here , while she was cool and we got along, our friendship didn't really consist of more than small talk over coffee but who was i say to no to going to a concert. Plus i need a night off just from everything and Jac was kinda perfect for that since she didn't know me well enough to ask to many questions. At the current moment i was trying to push my way through the crowd, one of the perks of being short was pushing through crowds was never easy.I made my way down the flight of stairs checking the ticket to check what row i was meant to go to . Right the third row. Thankfully Jac choose that moment to glance over her shoulder she called my name and waved so o could spot her . 
 "Jack! There you are!" I pushed past several more people as I made it to our row, slipping through them when I walked over to our seats. 
 "Good to see you made it back before the show started Elena." Jac smirked as I sat down next to her . Letting out an exhausted sigh, I shook my head at her, "It's a madhouse out there!". Madhouse was an understatement.
Jac nodded, glancing around. "It really is. Just imagine how it'll be after the concert."
"That's what I like about them, there's always so much going on." I remarked, though getting out of here would be an all nighter. I starred at Jac suspiciously , she was being quiet. I leaned over to see if she was paying any attention, waving my hand in front of her face. She had not noticed and i was busily writing something down in moleskin notebook . After a moment she sat back up, "You're really dedicated to your job, huh?" I said whistling lowly. Jac finished what she was writing letting out an awkward chuckle.
 "Sorry. I'm just really anal about the reviews being worth reading." She said.
 "Aren't you sleeping with your boss? I thought that would make your job easier. You should be able to submit complete nonsense!" I joked, a small giggle accompanying the last few words. 
Shaking her head, Jac clipped her pen into her notebook. "Well, he's not my boss anymore. Which, I'm grateful for, because It'd be awkward, us being married and all." 
 "Since when did you get married?" I exclaimed. Last time i checked she wasn't even interested in the idea.
"I don't know, like, a week ago. It was kind of an accident." She shrugged. Shrugging about getting accidentally married , well that is a perfectly acceptable response. 
"How do you accidentally get married?" I glared at Jac incredulously, "And for that matter, how can you be so nonchalant about it?"
 "It's complicated... you don't want to hear about that, I'd rather you tell me more important things." She responded, wiggling her fingers as she stretched her hand.
"What could i possible tell you that is more important than accidentally getting married?" I said shaking my head in disbelief. "Seriously i might seem a bit 'old school' but isn't there meant to be some sort of engagement or whatever." 
Jac rolled her eyes at me "It doesn't matter Elena." She said with a sigh running a hand through her hair "I am happy, his happy. That's all that matters right?" 
"Right." I nodded in agreement "But i didn't think you were the marrying type." I said screwing my nose up a little. "You didn't get married in Vegas did you?"
 She shook her head "No , now can we please talk about something else. Anything else really." 
"Fine." I said looking around the stadium. "Is this concert getting a good review so far?"
"Hmm you will just have to read the magazine to find out." "Not fair Jac , Not fair at all."
"It's not like we're rolling in subscriptions, okay?" Jac said well hinted. I rested my elbow on the arm of my chair,my chin in the palm of my hand as I leaned over, smirking. "Is that your clever way of asking me to buy one?"
Jac shrugged, "If you'd be so inclined to.."
 "Maybe if I can find the money to waste." I chuckled. Yes i was lame and i wasn't ashamed ... well not really.
"You will if you want to keep that pass that's hanging around your neck." Jac said a smile on her face as she nodded at the pass.
 "Are you blackmailing me? Because we haven't actually been, so how do I know if they're even real." I said raising an eyebrow at her.
 "Go now if you want. Good luck though, because they don't let anyone in before showtime. Messes with their 'chi' or something stupid like that." Jac groaned. I got the feeling that has happened to her more than once.
 "Well that is no fun." I pouted. "I thought musicians are meant to be all cool and sh.t" 
Jac shrugged "You don't really know much about what musicians are really like do you?" I shrugged "Not as much as you obviously." I said leaning back in the chair. "Obviously." Jac said rolling her eyes "You should stop being so grumpy." "I am not grumpy." I complained. "I am just...bored."
"Don't worry. You'll be having fun soon enough." Jac commented.
I arched a brow, tilting my head towards Jac, "You won't be?" I asked.
"I'm married, remember?" Jac said. I got the feeling that wasn't the really reason she wouldn't be having an 'fun'.
The bright fluorescent lights began to grow dimmer, the arena becoming darker as the crowd quieted. Jac gestured a knowing glance at me , her face barely visible in the dark. "See?" 
My voice lowered as I leaned in closer to Jac. "Why? Do you usually shag at these things?" 
"But of course!"
Well that shouldn't be as surprising as it is." I said with a cough. 
 "And what is that meant to mean?" Jac asked raising an eyebrow at me. "Are you saying i'm a sIut?" 
"No. I am just saying the fact you shag at concerts isn't surprising."
Jac gave me a smug grin, reaching out and tugging at the pass hanging from my neck, causing it to snap from the clasps in the back. I gasped, bringing a hand to my chest. Geez someone is a bit touchy. Jac shrugged in response as she took the pass. "Now it's mine to sell."
 "Well then, it won't be much of a loss now, if you seem to think it's not worth it." I rolled my eyes.
 Flashes of blue, pink, purple, and green were flying across the room. Most people had risen from their seats by now and were cheering. The show was starting. 
 "I'll have you know I've never shagged anyone who wasn't a headlining or supporting act. I'm actually quite picky."Jac folded her arms over her chest defensively. "Now that, I would also believe." Elena chuckled.
"Perhaps we should find you a musician?" Jac teased "They are very talented with their hands you know." She said with a wink. 
"Thanks for the concern but i am fine thanks." I grumbled. 
 "So you've moved on from your ex?" Jac asked. "I have but if you are asking if i have anyone the answer is no." "Then why not have meaningless sex with hot musicians?"
 "Because i am not a groupie."
"Groupies have a bad rep." Jac shook her head, "You can be a groupie and not have sex with anyone."
 "How's that possible?"
 "Because groupies are people - men and women, who adore the songs, love the band, and just want to be as close to the music as possible. So they express this in many ways.. including sex." She said standing , the chair's seat in which she sat in flipping back up. I starred at her , note for future reference don't mention groupies to Jac.
. "Hey, I'm going to disregard any insinuations you made about me so I can enjoy this. Here." She said handing me the pass.
I took it back, setting it around my neck and clasping it in the back with a smirk. "I guess this means we won't exactly be best friends." 
"God no." Jac shook her head, watching me stand up. "You want to go to out tomorrow?" she asked.
I shrugged. "Okay. Why not."
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