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Here we go a sample type audition and how to fill in the bio. I wanted to get the story done before I put this up but we're off to visit my grandma now so yeah.

Name: Holly Alexander
Age: 21
Birthday: December 17 1990
Why they’re at the house: She’s trying to decide what to do with her life and distance herself from her old friend.
How long they’ve been there: 2 and a half years
Quote or Lyric: “We’re the kids who feel like dead ends and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses”
Occupation: Works at Napoleon Perdis in enex100 | Bartender at Eve 
Bio: Holly was one of those girls that typifies every stereotype there is of Generation Y. She had no clue what to do with her life, so sense of responsibility and expected everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. After graduating High School with average marks she did a course in nail technology then hairdressing, she partied every night and didn’t have a job. She spent her parents money on clothes, shoes, alcohol and frivolous nothings, encouraged my her high school friends. Eventually her parents had enough and cut off the money, forcing her to get a job. Holly realised how pointless and aimless her life was and promptly dropped (most of) her friends, picked up two jobs and moved into the Boarding House. Two and a half years later Holly still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, she’s still working the same 2 menial jobs and spending all her pay almost as soon as she gets it. She’s trying to get her life on track, she just still can’t bring herself to work up the effort to enrol in uni. And without a shiny degree or diploma, well there aren’t many prospects for this carefree girl.
Goal: To eventually sort out what she wants to do with her life.
Relationship Status: Has a casual thing going with Logan Burke
Model: Emma Roberts

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“Don’t you have work tonight?” I had been lying in one of the deck chairs by the pool, sunbathing and enjoying the quiet when Carson so rudely interrupted me.

“I’m sorry what?” I pulled my sunglasses down my nose to give him my best glare.

“Holly. Have. Work.” He said slowly, pulling a ridiculous face that I’m not sure what it had to do with anything.

“Oh. Nah,” I waved my hands, “Well I have the club tonight but I don’t have to be there till after 7.”

“Holly it’s 6:30.” 

“Shut up no it’s not.” I sighed, pulling my sunglasses down over my face and settling back into my chair.

“It really is.” He was persistent. But it wasn’t funny.

“It’s to bright to be 6:30.” I pointed out because what did he think I was? Stupid?

“It’s coming up for summer, love.” He pointed out.

“Sally and Dan are picking me up,” I shrugged opening my eyes. My co-workers almost always swung by to pick me up because I was flipping amazing. And something about how I had to get to work on time and it was the only way that it would happen.

“They’re here.”

“Now I know you’re lying,” I flipped him off for good measures, why was he being such a little shit anyway?

“Okay they’re not here but it’s really 6:30.” He sighed, yanking my ipod out from under my arm and showing it to me, “See.”

I flicked my eyes to the screen to see that okay fine maybe he was right, “Fine you’re right.” I sighed, twirling a strand of hair around my finger, “what of it?”

“Are you going to get changed now or what?”

“I still have time,” I shrugged again, “It won’t matter if I’m a little late anyway. I mean it’d be good for Dan to be late for once anyway.”

“I don’t even know why I bother.” He sighed, planting himself on one of the chairs next to me.

“See I was wondering the same thing. Why do you even care?” I asked, rolling onto my side to get a better look at him but also to even up my tan. Nothing worse than gross tan lines and all, “I mean it’s natural to think about me but why do you care.”

“Just trying to be a good friend I guess.” He shrugged, looking like he was puzzled himself.

“You know how you could be a good friend?” I asked, “Ask Logan to back off.”

“You mean your boyfriend?” His brow furrowed in confusion, “Why would I do that? Why would you not do that?”

“He’s not my boyfriend Carson god,” Was he really that stupid? “And I don’t want to.”

‘What makes you think I want to?”

“I don’t care if you want to.” I told him matter of factly, “I don’t care what you want. I just want him to give me room to breathe because hello I don’t want to go out this weekend we went out two weekends ago.”

“Going out twice in a month,” He shook his head clearly mocking me, “It’s like he’s something you.”

“Exactly.” I beamed at him, because his tone was mocking but his words were the truth, “It’s like you understand me Carson.”

“Which is my cue to spend less time with you.” He said, getting to his feet and basically rushing off. I laughed to myself and put my headphones back in. I didn’t even care if I was late tonight. I couldn’t always be responsible and mature.
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