‘We tried to enjoy Christmas day after all’ 
Point of No Return,
Raymond Jones;
It was Christmas day, the first day that I work as a Mafia member. I’m reluctant a bit, not because I couldn’t enjoy Christmas, but because I know I would ruin someone’s Christmas day, even if it’s corrupt cop’s one, as long as he has a child who’s been looking forward this day. Suddenly, I remembered my little daughter, Beth. She might be with my ex-wife and her new father who’s an accountant that much more safe and high paid than cop. I hoped she’s happy and forget about me, the father who got in jail and ended up as a member of criminals. 
I sighed and made myself ready for dinner. I dressed up with my new tailored suits that were much more expensive than the pay I got when I’ve been a cop per a month. As I knotted a tie, my new phone rang. I knew who’s calling without watching the display, there’s only one person who knows this number.
“Hello” I answered.
“It’s nice to hear from you too, man” Tony, the guy on the phone joked. “Are you ready? Then get down now” He hung up on me as he said that without listening my answer. The little thing I learned about him since we’ve met is that he’s extremely demanding person. In these few days, he called me hundred times and told me what I should do and what I shouldn’t that enough to make me sick of Mafia job. But anyway, I have to do my job.
“Wow, you looks awesome, men!” Tony yelled standing by his car with big smile as I got out of my little flat and walked toward to him. “And your home is really…lovely” He added with widened his smile. I gave him a glance ignoring his comment and just asked “You drive?”
“No, you do” he ordered as he tossed the car key.
“Fine” I caught it and climbed in to the expensive car. 
After three hour later, I was on the table with the poor inspector’s family as a one of his friend who has no one to spend Christmas together. The dinner was great, traditional Spanish Christmas dinner, according to his beautiful wife, Vanessa. I wish I could enjoyed fine wine too, Tony disturbed it because he needs a driver. 
“Well, we should leave now” Tony started, after sipping his drink. “It’s so nice of you to invite the lonely guys like us, to your Christmas dinner. I can’t express how we thank to you, Guillermo. You always help us in our job” he continued, looking straight in the poor inspector, Guillermo Calvo’s eyes. He and I understood what Tony said means in real. Tony turned to inspector’s son, Marc who’s on his left side “You should be proud of your father, he’s a great man” 
“Yes I am, sir” Marc answered politely with bright smile. This kid may not know what his father does and believes his father is a hero. His father looks pale a little, for him, it had same meaning as to be taken his family as hostage.
“Now, we really need to leave. Thanks very much for delicious dinner” Tony pretended to be hurry, standing up from the chair. “Yes we are, Thank you a lot for inviting us” I followed my partner, faking polite smile.
“You’re both always welcome” Guillermo managed to say that. Actually he never wants to meet us. 
As we drove from the inspector’s house, Tony started to giggle. “You should be proud of your father. It was nice, huh? I bet he will tell us everything he knows in a couple days”
Though I completely agreed with him, I didn't answer anything. I wanted to concentrate on driving; I was exhaust from acting as if I’m a good person.
“Hey, are you still mad with me because I didn’t let you drink?” Tony pointed with annoyed voice. 
“No, I just want to take off this fu.king shirt. It’s too tight for me” I answered huffily keeping my eyes on ahead. 
“You look good anyway. Fine, let me wake up when we arrive at my house. Don’t wake me before that. If you don’t know where it is, use the navigation system” he just said that and closed his eyes. Less than one minute, I heard him sleeping. Da.n drunk.
After I drove him his mansion, I finally got to my flat. As I took of my jacket, the noisy sound of mobile began to ring. I searched in my pocket, mumbling some dirty words. As I got it from the inside pocket of my jacket, I found that it wasn’t the one that’s still ringing. I walked around the flat, looking for my old mobile. Finally I found it on the sideboard and answered. “What?”
“Merry Christmas, man” the familiar voice started as I push the button that answers the call. “How's your job? Have you killed someone already?” Phill rattled on like a child who’s excited at Christmas. Behind him, I heard the noise that people are talking, singing and shouting. He must be at club or somewhere.
“No, I’ve only threatened the cop for the information. Just tell my why you call me” I answered without hiding my irritation, sitting down on my bed. I found the bottle of water on the sideboard, but I daren’t drink that when I didn’t remember when I put it.
“C’mon, don’t be mad, it’s about your plan” he insisted. “Did I mention the guy who’s friend of mine? I’ve talked him and he showed some interest in you” 
“That’s good, and?” I urged him to continue his story. I undid my tie that choked me all through the night and unbuttoned my tight shirt. 
“Luckily he’s in Barcelona now, so you can meet him” he noted. Though he’s a kinda crazy drug dealer, he’s one of my few friends that I can trust. 
“Well, thanks” I said genuinely, taking off my shirt. I heard someone screamed behind him, but I didn’t mention that. It’s not unusual in where he lives. 
“It’s okay. But there is a problem” he said with little hesitation in his voice. I was frowned slightly; it’s unusual that he hesitate something. “That guy doesn’t have his own mobile. So, the only way you have is to look for him in Barcelona” 

“What?” I questioned “wait, then how did you contact to him?”
“I called every hotel that he would stay and asked if they have any customer who looks like that guy. Actually I didn’t do it myself; I made my customer call them pretending that looking for her husband who’s cheating on her in exchange for free drugs. She dreamed to be an actress when she was young, I guess she’s hot when she was young” I listened as he talked, putting off my shoes and socks. 
“Well, I think I should admit that you’re the one of the smartest guys in London” I joked. “But there’s still a problem. What should I do to find him?” 
“Umm, you can find him at a nice bar or restaurant, if you’re lucky” he mumbled “he looks like an English gentleman in good old days. He wears nice suits, drinks tea and, well you’ll recognize him at a first glance” 

“Alright, I got it” I nodded. Another scream behind him. 
“Sorry, I have to go. It’s Christmas, there’s a ton of junkies who need me” he said in an amused giggle.

“They just need your drugs, not you” I pointed.

“Shut up. I give them drugs and I gave you information, I’m fu.king Santa Claus” he teased. “Anyway, good luck to you, Ray” Before he hung up, I heard some junkies singing. Everybody enjoys this day including junkies or criminals, but not me.
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