good afternoon guys. i need to do homework so i'm just gonna make this quick and simple.
and guess who's missing summer right now.
let me give you a hint. it starts with m and ends with e. BUT THAT TOGETHER IT SPELLS ME! WAHOO! CONGRATS. YOU CAN SPELL. here's a gold star. i love gold stars omfg, they're perfeccct.

okay well in third period today, alice asked to go to the restroom, and alice's class went outside while alice went to be bathroom. and when alice came back into the classroom, alice had no idea what to do. and since alice didn't want to get locked out if she went outside, she stayed inside and read for the whole period. yes. that's what alice did.

and since alice didn't want to go on the theatre field trip 'cause she's an awkward giraffe who has problems, alice had to go to the library during fifth period. and guess what alice did. alice went on the computers and went on polyvore. DURING SCHOOL. alice is such a rebel.

so yeah, i had two free periods today. xDD WAHOO! okay, well i need to do homework now, i hope your day was great, and remember to smile, because the best curve on your body is simply, a smile. okay i love you, goodbye now. ♥
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