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March 27, 2013

Song of the day: Say Anything - Tristan Prettyman

Okay, let me try to come up with five more facts...

6) When I was a bit younger -- say, around my middle school days -- I was convinced I could write and publish a novel, so in my documents folder, I have at least a dozen drafts of novels I started and never finished (they always died out by about page 50).

7) I am extremely attentive/observant and pick up on all sorts of tiny details that normal people don't. I can't really think of an example right now but, okay... For example, I guess, I know the names of like everyone in my school-- definitely every single person in my grade, and a ton of the people in the grades above and below me. Which is weird because I'm like a nobody lol. But so whenever someone's talking about a person that I have no reason to know, I fake not knowing who they're talking about even though I so totally do know this person. Lol.

8) I haven't quite found someone who completely understands all the parts to me. Like, I'm still waiting to meet that "we're like sisters" friend, ya know? Like the ones you see in movies and novels. Maybe they don't exist. What do you guys think... do they? I mean, have you guys found those people for you at this point in your lives? I'm sure people have, but I don't know. I just don't think I have. I feel like there are sides to be that no one is even aware of, so I don't think there's anyone that understands me in my entirety, and I'm kind of excited for college because I hope to find that person then...

9) I cry really easily. When watching movies, reading books, etc. But also, just in general, if something's upsetting me, like even something stupid, or something I have no reason to cry over and don't wish to cry over, I'll cry. Not like I'm a huge baby because I swear, some of those times, I will myself NOT to cry and I'm like yelling at myself in my head like, "WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" and I still can't help it. Lol. I'm also really sentimental/sensitive. 

10) My twin and I learn the harmonies to a ton of the songs we love and harmonize to them together EVEN THOUGH we both are practically tone-deaf and are complete rubbish at singing. Lol. I just think harmonies are magical, and I'm literally obsessed with good singing and really regret that I can't sing, so of course I try anyway. Lol. 

Anyway. There's five more random facts for you, and I'll try to think of five more for tomorrow :) 

Happy Wednesday! TTYL! 
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