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April 27, 2013

Song of the day: Cruise - Georgia Line

Lol this song is so /country/. Not what I normally listen to, but sometimes I really enjoy that haha. I don't know, Megan and Liz covered it and I was like, "Ooh what song is this?!" and then I looked it up and watched the music video and just cracked up. But the lyrics are pretty cute. And it just gets stuck in your mind. 

But, so, HEY GUYS! How's life? Well, I hope.

Haven't been able to go on Polyvore a lot because I have a heck of a lot of work, but I think we have something like 6 weeks left before finals so hopefully it's all good. Btw, anyone taking/has taken the AP US exam? Because I haven't started studying it and have like 2 weeks left.... oops. But I'd greatly appreciate some advice on how to attack it ;) 

So our last assignment in English was this creative writing assignment where we had to write a short story modeled on like the whole party theme in Gatsby. So for the last two days in class, we've just been reading them aloud in class, which has been fun. But so this girl, who's pretty much perfect, was reading her story about how when she went back to her hometown--some snazzy, rich neighborhood--for the first time in years, she had a little party with all her old friends who she hadn't seen in forever, and it was pretty much about how they've changed insanely and become so superficial, etc., etc. and how she's glad she's from New York and more down-to-earth. But so, during the story, she notes like how one of her friends was wearing Louboutins and how one of them models for Louis Vuitton, etc. (basically pointing out these things to like sort of mock their lifestyle) and basically that town sounds unreal, like think Sutton Mercer in "The Lying Games," but also, so she's reading this story, saying these girls had become so tall and skinny and like typical won't-touch-carbs girls and gets their hair done every morning, and meanwhile, this girl (the one in my class) wears designer brands literally every day , does her hair every morning, and is insanely tall and skinny herself. Like what. Lol. No, but she is really nice and even though she looks perfect she isn't in any of those popular groups or anything because she's wayyy more down to earth then them. But it was just funny listening to her talk about these girls when she, herself, totally appears to be one.

Anyway that wasn't interesting. Why don't you guys tell me stories about you. How are /your/ lives? 

Lol today's my ex-best friend's birthday and I don't know what I should write on her wall because this is the first year I've had a Facebook. #awkward #whydidigetafacebook

So I have two days to write my research paper, so I should get to that.


Peace and love.
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