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And we will run away by Rachael 

At the start of the day
I look up in the sky and draw my feelings
Hoping I could take flight to the sky
Instead I could only express myself through the wind
Waiting for the day I'll say goodbye
Running through the wilderness
Eternal sands of gray I see
Bringing Joy and happiness only
Is that enough? or is it too much?
A red string intertwined in my left pinky
I swiftly take trail of the red thread
ending up seeing a vague face 
at his back a shadow of rain
over clouding his distressing face
red strings connected to his and mine
The thoughts in my mind run about
what is that stream of heavy clouds?
Never knew how it felt like
Never knew how it tasted like
As I look at his Caribbean blue eye inches away
That moment that our eyes met
The rain that over shadowed him
met with the wilderness I drawn about
Flowers from blue to red bloomed under my feet
Trees of all colors from orange to green grew
I was stunned, How could such sorrow
or Sadness from the rain turn around
my dry happiness from this wasteland
Isn't happy enough but why
why do we need this feeling of misery
Is it because we want to be hurt
, we don't want our happiness parched
or we wont feel true contentment without depression
as I hold his cold hand with my warm hand
We felt natural, not unusual
Natural Love that was drawn from 
the dry and the rain, from the wasteland
and the storm, I steal his monsoon
He steals my sunset
and we will run away
in this earth filled with endings and beginnings
until the end of time..
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