ll All We Are- One Republic ll 
 How the hell are you supposed to dress for just some drinks and appetizers? 
Well, you'll be meeting other girls, so you have to make a good impression… a Herve Leger dress? 
No, better save that one for clubbing. 
What about that Versace you have? That will work! 

My thoughts were rushing through my mind at a million miles a minute.
 I had no idea what to wear. 
And yes, stylists do have these problems too. 

I take out my latest Versace, the one that Donatella gave to me as a gift (sweet, right?).
It was perfection. 

I slipped it over my head, making sure not to mess up my tousled, bombshell curls I'd just finished. 
It fit perfectly, and it was formal, without being too over the top. Perfection. And I knew just what to pair it with. 

After slipping my feet into a pair of Dior sandals and grabbing my new Louis Vuitton off of the bed, I was out the door. 
I looked good, and I definitely felt good and I actually couldn't wait to meet new people. 

My job insisted on being social and being in contact with as many people as I could, so my natural, social butterfly persona was perfect and definitely came in handy at times like these. 
Hopefully, the people here would be more than welcoming though. 

Arriving at the hotel was a bit nerve wracking, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach as I let the valet park my car and walking in and hang in the bouncer my ID, I got more nervous. 
But once I was in, every single thing I was feeling magically melted away. 

It was amazing. It was gorgeous, filled with chic looking people and a bar that looked like it had the best cocktails, which was always a plus. 

"OH! Pretty dress!" A girl exclaimed as she approached me. She was pretty. With dark hair and a pair of sharp cheekbones.

"Thank you!" I say, smiling and looking down at my outfit. "I'm Azure Moire by the way." I say as I extend a hand for her to shake. Instead though, she brushed it off and gave me a hug, which was even better! I felt welcomed already!

"I'm Brynn Wyatt," She says as I pull back, looking at her. "Are you new to the city?" 

I nodded, and I began talking about my designing business and how it had brought me to Tokyo. 
Soon though she excused herself and I smiled, heading to the bar. I could definitely use a drink. 
I ordered one of my favorites, a cosmopolitan and scanned the room. It was filled with beautiful girls, each to their own, they were different, unique, complete faces I had never seen. 
And for a second, I couldn't help but wonder what they would want with me… these girls were so exceptional and I was just… me. 
I brushed the thoughts away as soon as I saw a beautiful girl, dressed in a bright orange jacket and a cute little vintage Chanel bag hanging from her arm, standing in the corner.

I approached her and once I reached her, I figured I'd introduce myself. "Hey, I saw you standing over here by yourself so I thought I'd come introduce myself. I'm Azure," I say to her. 

"Hello," She said. "I'm Freja." 

"Ah!" I exclaim with a smile. "French, right?" 

"Um, yeah," She says, tilting her head. "American?" 

"Yep! Pennsylvania," I say taking her hand. "Let's go!" 
She was beautiful a bit shy, perhaps a bit quirky, but she definitely did not deserve to be sitting alone by herself in a corner. Maybe I was just too social, but it was a party, and nobody deserved to be alone! 
"Freja, how excited are you to be in Tokyo? Isn't this the chance of a lifetime?" 

She smiles, "It came at the right time," She says with a sigh. "I needed to get away from my family, though I know I belong in Paris." 

A girl in the circle we'd formed giggled, and I decided maybe now was the time to back out of this. I didn't want to get involved in any drama quite yet. 
I took the last sip of my pink cosmo and decided to head back to the bar. I could use another one, after all. 

"Cosmo, please," I order. 

"Pink drink for the girly girl," A British accent rang lightly as I looked to see a girl standing at the bar as well. 

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that, now, is there?" I ask, as the bartender then handed me the glass and I immediately took a sip. 

"I guess not…" She says sarcastically. "I'm Doe," She says. 

I smile lightly, "So you're the head b.tch Brynn was talking about," I nod. "I'm Azure." I say. 

"Oh, I know about you," She says, then taking her drink. "See you around," She says casually, walking off. 

I wasn't sure whether she was exactly a friend or foe at that point, but I sipped my cosmo, not even bothering to think twice about it. 

"What's good here?" An adorable red head says, sauntering up to the bar. She was pretty, with a mane of lush red hair and freckles. 

"Well, the cosmos are good," I peep in, giggling slightly and looking at her. 

"I'll have one then," She says to the bartender, then looking back to me. "I'm Anna," She says, extending her long pale arm. 

"Azure," I say, shaking her hand. 

The bartender slides her her drink, and she then slowly takes a tiny sip. "Mhm!" She says. "It is good! Well, see you around! And thanks!" She says as she goes off, probably to meet some new girls. 

"Are you Azure?" 
I looked to see a girl was talking to me. 

I nod, "I guess I am!" I joke. 

"I'm Louisa," She introduces herself with a huge smile on her face. 

"It's nice to meet you!" I say. She nods, and we part ways. 

I wander around the party, before bumping into a girl. "I'm so sorry!" I say, as I look at the girl. 

"It's alright," She says quietly, her voice as sweet as sugar. She looked so fragile almost, so soft and innocent. 
Instantly, I liked this girl already. 

"I'm Azure," I introduce myself, looking at her. I hold out my hand, and she shakes it gently. 

"I'm Toni," She says back and I nod.

"Well, see you later!" I say as I wave slightly, going about the party. 

It was different. The people were all different, each unique exactly as their looks appealed. The people I met today were going to make a lasting impression on me, I knew it. 
Suddenly, I was staring to like this place a lot more.
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