"I'm gonna go get a drink before b*tchy gets here." I told Rain as I saw Ashley walking towards us. 
"Okay. See you later!" She said as I walked over to the bar where Bri was sitting.
"Hey Nic." she said as I sat down next to her.
"Electric long Island." I told the bartender. 
"So, I really like your new nose." I told her.
"Thanks." She said as she took a sip of her martini.
"Hey Nic. Who's your friend?" Key asked as he sat down on Bri's other side.
"Its Briana. She had a nose job." I told him as the bartender handed me my drink. 
"Wow. Well it looks good on you." He laughed. 
It was a good thing I was sitting down. I could feel my knees start to go all wobbly the way they did when he was around.
"Look I'm gonna cut to the chase." she said as she spun around in her barstool to Kegan's side.
"Kegan, Nico likes you. I mean, she likes you in a romantic way. Not that I even know if she's ever been with someone in a romantic way, but hopefully, she will with you!" She told him. For the record, I have been.
"Sweetie? Kegan is also interested in you that way. He's just to shy to say anything. I know he's had some experience, but don't be afraid hun!" she said as she spun around to my side.
Then she walked away to where Mic and Karma were dancing.
There was an ackward silence for a moment. 
"Umm. Nic, was all that true?" Key asked.
"Yea. It is. I've liked you for a long time." I told him, my face a bright scarlet color. 
"What about you?" I asked.
He paused for a moment before he answered. I could tell he was just searching for the right words.
"Well, umm, god I'm not good with words." he laughed.
Just then I got a boost of courage, probably from the drink. 
"Then don't speak." I told him as I kissed him. It was one of those I've-been-waiting-my-whole-life-to-kiss-you kind of kiss.
So there we were making out at the bar. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Crims doing a little happy dance, as if she had personally brought us together.
Just then my cell phone rang.
"Oooh. I have to take this. I'll be right back." I told him as I walked outside.
"Hey b*tch! Why haven't you called me?" I said into the phone. 
"It's this little thing called a world tour. Buuuuttttt, guess where our next stop is!" he replied.
"BRANDON! SHUT UP! YOUR COMING HERE?" I practically yelled into the phone.
"YES NICO! we get in on tuesday night." Brandon replied.
"I have to introduce you to everyone!" I was really excited now.
"I have to go. We're at Lollapalooza right now. About to go on." 
"Kay Brand. I CANT WAIT!" I said as I hung up.
I went back into the club to continue what was arguably the best night of my life to date.
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