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ello there! so this set was going to be an introduction set, but psh, those are way too mainstream, amiright?


oh... okay then.

on another note, sorry for not posting for so long, i was in LAS VEGAS BABY. 

yes. i did just say that.

so traveling to LAS VEGAS BABY took about 3-4 hours(?) i kinda just slept and took turns on the ipad with my big bro and okay this makes me sound stupid but i always thought that LAS VEGAS BABY (okay last time, i promise) was in california until i saw the sign welcome to nevada and i was just like wait wut and i'm still kinda convinced that it's in california


don't blame me, i spent my whole life thinking that las vegas was in california.

okay, so once we got there my dad went to go check us in the hotel that we were staying at (rio) while my mom and bro and i went to the upper level of the casino thingy lol and waited for my other cousins/ aunts/ uncles to show up.

my brother and i tried to jump out from behind a wall and scare my cousins (@tootir3d and her bro) but they saw us and we failed miserably lol. 

so after that we went to our hotel and went swimming with crystal and david and my dad and then we went to the buffet and ate all day and all night lol jk but we ate a lot. cx

after that we went to circus circus where i didn't win anything cause i suck at carnival games lol but my brother won my a little despicable me minion by throwing a ball into a basket (which is a lot harder than it seems lol)

and then the next day i and the next day and the next day audrey was too lazy to write out her entire trip in las vegas so she just said that she got a giant teddy bear, a medium sized minion, two tiny teddy bears (the only prizes that audrey has won by her self) a cute little dinosaur, a unicorn, a penguin and also a thingy from yo gabba gabba that audrey has also won herself but doesn't like so is ashamed.

oh yeah my bro also won me one of those yoga balls that have the cover over it with basketball teams.

now i feel the need to tell you about the names of my stuffed animals because im weird like that.

so my minion is named kevin, but it's k.ee.vin because my bro won me a little sized minion but i gave it to my dad and he lost it T_T (and the little minion's name was kevin, pronounced kevin)

and my teddy bear's name was yasuo, because i let my bro name it since he won it, and he choose a name from league of legends (computer game)

following that theme, i named my penguin urf, from league of legends.

and the tiny teddy bears that i got from fishing is named princeton (the blue one) and harvard (the brown one) and the little dinosaur's name is yale.

and lastly, the unicorns name is steve, but you pronounce it st-eevee, like the pokemon. 

wow that was long okai

welp, that's it!
~stay fancy (´◠ω◠`)

c o m m e n t: "pinecicles" if you read to this point!
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Wrote two years ago
Oh just fabulous X'D

Wrote two years ago
@julie-sch omg thanks bro cx
@talibird25 lolol i wonder what that would taste like? O_O
@unbelieverzzz haha i wish lol cx

Wrote two years ago
Pinecicle hahah I was like wth is that word?!

Wrote two years ago
Suck ma pinecicle

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