SPANDEX Mag launch party, hosted by People's Revolution.

Wearing: oversized tank dress, black tights, Louboutin ankle boots, Lanvin pop print pochette and Lanvin jewellery. Natural makeup and hair. (go copy me, I know you want to)

The party was great, there were a lot of cool famous people that you probably will never know, but I'll post up some photos soon. 
I had a blast, I mean, of course: I was with the Filthies. 
And I also met a guy. A seriously hot guy. He basically was staring at me, so I went towards him. Not like I am shy, you know.

"I'm Allison" I said, with my flirty voice.

"I know" he gave me a charming look. I loved his voice, it was so deep and sexy. And he knew me. Well, no surprise there.

"Of course. Who doesn't" 

"I don't. You socialites are always so self-obsessed"

Can you say dick? This guy actually thought he was funny.

"Oh, I wouldn't mess with me if I were you" I was about to leave, when he stopped me holding my arm.

"What if I wanna mess with you?" (yes, his exact words -.- Guys really dont know what to say when they're hitting on hotties)

So I was like "do you have a name?"

"Evan Richard Carnegie"

"Oh. Evanricharcarnegie. Cute name. Reminds me of a rich dog"

"It should remind you of the philantropic association, the floor where you stand, the hotels in the Upper East Side..."

Ugh, cocky. But wealthy. God, Evanidontremeberwhatcarnegie was basically the richest kind in the City. I coudn't believe I had never met him first!

"Allright, allright. Well, nice to meet you" 

I smiled. He was totally annoying, but also freaking handsome. And I haven't had a boy for a while, you know?

"Well, maybe sometime we could hang, or something, Evanlongnamecarnegie"


"Allison!" I laughed. 

"What game are we playing?" he asked. I could tell he was the typical snobby guy who didn't know how to have fun. Speaking of which, I heard my girls calling me from another side of the hall. 

"Listen, now I'm gonna go" I handed him my number. "Call me. Or I'll do. To hang"

"Or something"

Then, I told the girls about that weird dialogue with the Evanfreakinglord.

I'm sure he'll call, btw. He soo can't resist me.

Now, you've enjoyied a bite of my life. Stay tuned to know what happens next; but now, I'm gonna go. 

Oh. One more thing. I've decided to welcome Xs back into my heart (and my blog) 

so X to the O to you. 
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