Children of Thalidomide tryout....ignore the title, I'm listening to my really awesome 80s 8track.

Aspen Harper, 17
bio: Aspen Harper is afraid. Even as a child, poor little Aspen was afraid of her own shadows, monsters under her bed, and the stories her siblings would tell her about the forests that surround the town. While she might not be afraid of what’s under her bed anymore, she still fears what’s in the forest – the only this is, she’s what’s in the forest. Aspen’s life had been fairly normal until recently when, after the startling discovery of her powers, everything spiralled into tragedy. Fearing for herself and the people she loved, Aspen ran away from home. It’s not much of a mystery where she is: everyone knows, the sad part is no one seems to care. Afraid of returning to her family, what Aspen wants most desperately is to be able to control her poison generation, which is triggered anytime she gets upset or scared… and that’s pretty often. Not wanting to hurt anyone else, Aspen tries to keep to herself, but unfortunately kids these days keep getting bolder by the second, daring each other to see how close they can get to Aspen’s temporary treetop tent and provoke her until something happens. Some would say it’s tempting fate, others would say it’s voluntarily giving yourself to the death princess of the forest.
powers: poison generation, self-duplication
model: hanne gaby odiele
created by: @semper-eadem
taken by: tba

Hey, Semp! Swear to bob I wasn't favoring you, I just think your character is especially snazzy and wanted a chance to get in on that action. 

Also, I decided on Hanne, not because I don't love Isa and think she's also perfect for Aspen, but because I've always wanted to use HGO in an rp, and would tryout for different characters using her, and then for one reason or another would be denied. Then I gave up for sometime because I decided she was cursed. When I organized my models, I discovered all those unused Hanne opportunities had left my with many pictures of her. So I'd like to use them now. [Although, that top left pic, I can't actually tell, but it kinda looks like her...]

So I'm off to the goth club tonight to search for potential rebound and all that, so the rest shall wait until after work tomorrow. Maybe. I'm not sure how long it's going to take for me to get respectfully and gothilly tarted up.
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