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I pity the woman who goes through breast cancer alone. If she is lucky, she will be surrounded be a circle of caring friends and family members. 
I wear my pink ribbon for my caregivers: my husband, my Mom, and “The YaYas.” The YaYas, a group of 4 friends, took turns doing the grocery shopping. Mom spent every day with me while Neal was at work, encouraging me to take tiny little sips of my high-energy smoothie: “Just a bit more. You can do it!” We would laugh… the scene brought us back to my picky-eater childhood! And my husband? Neal was my Rock of Gibralter. He supported me in ways too numerous to count. I doubt I could have handled the surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation as well as I did if he hadn’t been by my side.
If someone you love has breast cancer, the best thing you can do is to find out what needs doing, and then do it: the laundry, the marketing, a few dinners in the freezer. And instead of flowers, send cards with funny cartoons or jokes tucked inside… laughter is good medicine!
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