- a huge help if your struggling in math, this website is organized by grade then topic and each topic will be explained. So if you missed the day of your math teacher explaining the nuts and bolts of the Pythagorean theorem than hop on over here. Or if you just didn't get what the teacher was saying than this site might help reword it in ways you do understand. - spark notes, cliff notes same thing. They really help for reading assignments and such. It just gives some summaries and character list and important notes for a certain book. You can search the book and go from there and it will give you a boatload of information. Remember though, don't use it as a replacement for your book, it is a guide, not a book. Plus it's in someone elses point of view, you may have different thoughts on the book and their words aren't set in stone. Just remember that. - a large collection of tools that will help you with homework or projects. You might have to do a bit of searching to get to the page you need but I don't think they've really missed any topics so you probably will find what you need. It's basically just a rerun of what your teacher might have taught you and rewords it in a way that might be a bit more helpful to you personally. It can be a big help! - lol, just l o v e l y for making charts. You can use it for a variety of reasons. For you own reasons, like to see a visual to help you with studying or homework. It can help with making presentations too and whatever else you choose to use it for. - you've been studying for hours and yet you still can't find what type of apple fell on Isaac Newtons head, try this site. Just type in your question and it should get you the straight, no nonsense answer. - if you're one of those people who would see the phrase "I am always write and everyone nose it" and notice nothing wrong with it this is for you. It "polishes" your writing like spell check would but unlike spell check it will correct words like "nose" to "knows" when it is called for. It also will correct grammar, and writing style errors. So it's a bit more helpful than regular old spell check. - this is a cool application to add to your Internet browser. What you do is if you are studying for a paper or what have you, you would open this app and highlight what needs to be highlighted. The highlighted page will be added to an archive that I believe can be accessed from anywhere.

Texting Google - okay, so this isn't really a website but I wanted to add this on too, just cause it helps a bajillion and will work a bit better for those of us with out smart phones. Make sense? Anyway check out this set by @the-amazing-tip-chickas here's the link it tells you all about it (:

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