@hailey-surbook Tada! Here's the one for Louis! Hope you like it. (If I end up writing the other ones, I'll just write them all for you, ok?)

It was your wedding day! You couldn't believe that it was here, but it was. In less than 6 hours, you were going to be married to Louis Tomlinson. Yes, THE Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction. You absolutely loved him. You remembered the day you met- two years ago, when you hit his car (yes, strange, didn't watch where you were going.) You guys had to exchange numbers, but to you, he was just a regular guy. You recognized him from One Direction, but you definitely were not fangirling. But when you saw him again, you fell in love. He was sweet and funny, and you got to know him better. Then a year ago, he proposed to you in the Starbucks were you both loved to go, in front of everybody (yeah, not as romantic, but remember you met? Not exactly 'romantic' either.) And of course, you said yes! And now, sitting in front of the mirror, getting your hair and make-up done, you finally realized what was actually going to happen. You turned to your best friend. "I can't believe I'm actually getting MARRIED," you said, in a shaky voice. "Honey, it is going to be AMAZING," she said, trying to reassure. "Or should I say, amaZAYN," she said, trying to make you feel better. Making you turn to her, she said "Honey, it's not everyday someone gets to marry an extremely hot, famous, British boy, who just happens to be in a very successful, extremely hot, famous British boy band," she grinned, smiling at you. "But that's the problem. Almost all celebrity marriages end horribly. What if that happens to us? Are we rushing in too fast? I mean, look at how we met! How he proposed! Couldn't the tabloids find something, and rip us apart? I don't want this marriage to end horribly," you said, your eyes watering. She took your head in her hands. "It will be great, and you two will be the hottest couple to walk the PLANET," she said, overdramitically. "And it will NOT end. Good luck."

Taking a deep breath, you opened the doors as the music started to play. You looked around and smiled at all your guests. Looking up, you saw Louis. He was staring at you, mouth slightly open. He winked at you when he saw you looking. Leaning over to his best man, Harry Styles, he said something, and Harry agreed. Finally, you were up, right next to Louis. In front of all your friends and family, you two exchanged vows, and ended the ceremony with a big kiss. The preacher looked up into the pews. "i now pronounce you husband and wife. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tomlinson." With a huge smile, you and Louis walked down, hand-in-hand, headed toward wedded bliss.

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