wedding bells ; a glee rp - characters

here are the characters. enjoy.
  • my darling dianna. <3
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    "quinn fabray - bride ;
    - started dating finn after their senior year and have been together ever since.
    - moved to new york where quinn went to nyu to study early childhood development.
    - she is now a kindergarten teacher.
    - got engaged to finn just over a year ago.
    - is still not over puck, whom she dated all through high school, even though he cheated on her.
    - nobody knows about her feeling for puck except for her good friend mercedes jones." — @alittlelamb
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    "finn hudson - groom ;
    - had his eyes on quinn since the first day they met and finally asked her to be his girlfriend on the day of their graduation.
    - moved to new york with quinn where he attended nyu to become a firefighter.
    - has hooked up with rachel a couple of times and knows that feelings are starting to grow between them, but doesn’t plan on telling quinn.
    - still wants to marry quinn, even though he is also with rachel.
    - best friends with puck and he is the only one who knows about finn and rachel hooking up." — @alittlelamb
  • taylor's icon ; { lea michele }
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    "rachel berry - maid of honor ;
    - quinn and rachel have never really gotten along, but because of finn's constant nagging, quinn decided to just make her her maid of honor.
    - moved to new york and attended nyada, where she quickly got asked to come to broadway.
    - lives with sam but are just friends even though she thinks sam wants to be more.
    - hooks up with finn regularly and is still in love with him.
    - nobody knows that she is still in love with him except sam." — @alittlelamb
  • mark salling icon
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    "noah puckerman - best man ;
    - skipped out on college, and went right to new york to try and land a record deal with his music partner, sam evans.
    - just signed with a major label company and they are working on their first album.
    - hooks up with random girls, including santana, but still can’t get over quinn.
    - regrets ever cheating on quinn with santana in high school and just wants a chance to apologize to her.
    - can’t stand the fact that finn got the girl he is in love with and is seriously considering telling quinn about finn and rachel, but fears that quinn will just think he’s making it up." — @alittlelamb
  • Jenna Ushkowitz & Amber Riley - 2011 SAG Awards - Gossip Rocks Forum
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    "mercedes jones - bridesmaid ;
    - currently single and living in the apartment next to finn and quinn.
    - is studying at columbia to become a pediatrician and is in her third year of medical school.
    - knows that quinn is still in love with puck, and happens to know he still has feelings for her too.
    - just wants her friend to be happy, and knows that finn is the wrong one for her.
    - has had her eyes on sam since high school, but is very self-conscious about talking to him after they broke up in highschool. only quinn knows about her feelings for sam." — @alittlelamb
  • the gorgeous naya rivera, icon.
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    "santana lopez - bridesmaid/wedding planner ;
    - followed everyone else to new york and lives in a condo with brittany.
    - studied at columbia to become a lawyer. she plans weddings in her free time.
    - thinks she is dating puck and doesn’t realize he still has feelings for quinn.
    - is considered bisexual and doesn’t know how to tell people that she still has feelings for brittany.
    - secretly knows about rachel and finn’s hook up after reading some of puck’s text messages." — @alittlelamb
  • heather morris icons made my caitlin <3
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    "brittany pierce - bridesmaid ;
    - went to julliard and is now opening up a dance studio with mike chang.
    - lives with santana and thinks that their late night lady kisses and cuddles are normal.
    - has become pretty good friends with mercedes and thinks that something is going on between her and sam even though she denies it.
    - is also close with Quinn and feels like she isn’t as happy as she could be.
    - wants to be with santana but is willing to wait until she is ready to tell people." — @alittlelamb
  • chord overstreet icons.
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    "sam evans - groomsman ;
    - is currently working on his first album with puck.
    - decided to move in with rachel, but doesn’t actually have feelings for her even though she thinks he does.
    - doesn’t want Finn and quinn’s wedding to be ruined, so he offers to pretend to date rachel.
    - has started to see mercedes more when he goes over to finn and quinn’s, and is starting to develop feelings for her.
    - is starting to rethink his offer to rachel, in fear of what mercedes will think when." — @alittlelamb
  • chris colfer icon by cat:)
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    "kurt hummel - groomsman ;
    - is a groomsman because he is finn's brother.
    - was not accepted into nyada, but went to a designing arts school and is now an up and coming designer.
    - broke up with blaine before highschool ended.
    - the wedding will be the first time he has seen blaine since highschool and he thinks he still has feelings for him.
    - knows nothing about what's going on." — @alittlelamb
  • Darren Criss icon by Andrea, feel free to use.
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    "blaine anderson - groomsman ;
    - is a groomsman because he's really good pals with finn and puck.
    - is still going to julliard on a singing scholarship and trying to make a name for himself.
    - had dated another guy for a little while in new york after not being with kurt.
    - just went through a nasty break up with him and is pretty hurt.
    - not looking for a significant other.
    - knows nothing about what's going on." — @alittlelamb
  • number 4
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    "when asked for what the passcode is in the character audition, please put: 435." — @alittlelamb
  • number 3
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    "when asked for what the passcode is in the character audition, please put: 435." — @alittlelamb
  • number 5
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    "when asked for what the passcode is in the character audition, please put: 435." — @alittlelamb

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