Wedding Dresses of Different Eras, Flowers, Photographers oh and it all
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  • Firefly Captain Mal with Inara Serra Cute Couple Awesome Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Page Book Art Print
    Joss Whedon's Firefly's Captain Mal and Inara posing for a cute picture. Morena Baccarin and Nathan Fillion. Firefly is another in an unfortunate lineup of great shows ahead of their time, canceled by an ungrateful network despite a demanding audience. But it doesn't have to be reduced to that Being ahead of its time, as I've said, it holds up quite well. The show is just as enjoyable to experience now as it was ten plus years ago. In my humble opinion, Joss Whedon is nearly unchallenged in his ability to tell a character driven story. Hollywood, give that guy more movies. This is an 8x10" art print on an actual vintage dictionary book page. NOW OFFERING FRAMES!
  • Oh, Great Gatsby!
    This week’s wedding inspiration comes in flashback form…..straight from the roaring twenties! One of my favorite novels in High School was “The Great Gatsby” and ever since reading about the fabulous parties in the book, I can’t help but imagine how diving a twenties themed wedding would be. Jazz bands, …
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    author: Emese-durcka Laki; title: magic book; category: Fine Art