Breakfast- 1 cup of 1% milk- 100 Calories and a Nature Valley Chocolate Chunk Chewy Bar. 90 calories. 
TOTAL- 190

Lunch- 1 cup of Broccoli soup 80 Calories. Skim Milk 80 Calories. Danimals Strawberry Banana yogurt 80 calories. 
TOTAL- 240

Lunch 2- (YES I ate two lunches today) One McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich 380 calories. One Small strawberry banana smoothie 180 calories.
TOTAL- 560

Dinner- Quarter Pounder with Cheese 510 calories and a Medium Diet Coke.
TOTAL- 510 calories.

Snack- Six bite sized cookies approx 70 calories.
TOTAL- 70 calories

NOTES- I had about six mini cookies that were bite sized at conferences and I have no clue how many calories that was but I am going to guess about 50-70. 
Blood drive is October 26 and I am going to donate like last year to help get over my needle fear. I also told my mum I've been suicidal before.

Calorie Amounts for today:
Breakfast- 190
Lunch- 240
Lunch 2- 560
Dinner- 510 
Snacks- 70
TOTAL- 1570
Calories burned from exercising- 714
Net Calories for Today- 856
How many left for the day- 664
Mood for today: Happy and very tired.
Had parent teacher conferences at school tonight.
Most of my grades are pretty good. I had a small emotional moment for no reason. I told my mum I've been suicidal before.
Her reaction was like 'oh'.

Things I am looking forward to:
No school on Friday October 19. Spending Friday at Vala's Pumpkin Patch with my brother, Hermione Jean-malfoy Becki Shetterly and my grandpa. I'm starting recovery on Saturday. It will be the first night I will spend there... 
Days Cut Free- Three.

Todays Workout here:

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