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I was tagged by the lovely and talented (and sweet and kind and funny and...) @trickster-kat in this set: (PS... YOU are on this list too).

So here is my gift to you, each of you whose sets I find so inspiring and special, those who make a point of commenting on my sets (which ALWAYS makes me smile), and whose sets I try to make a point to visit even when (like lately) I have so little time:

1. @justjules2332
2. @cathy1965
3. @groovyhippychick
4. @kori-belle
5. @moomoofan1972
6. @lashandanista
7. @elske88
8. @passion-fashion-2
9. @wendyfer
10. @emlibertelli
11. @eula-eldridge-tolliver
12. @emc1397
13. @renee-switzer
14. @heather-reaves
15. @mharvey

And the rest in the comments............. cos I AIN'T DONE YET!!!!!

1) If you get tagged or pmed with a set from the game, it is your turn to make a gift set for 10 other people (I CANNOT stop at 10... there is just NO WAY, so I shall do as many as I want. Hmph).
2) Make sure to tag/pm at least ten people the gift!
3) Copy the rules, to spread the game and gift giving as far as possible!
NOTE: Please, don't anyone feel required or pressured to play along. But know that I tagged you, really, just because you've made my year so full of life and pretty images that have made me genuinely happy.
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