Hey guys! Krista here:)
I don't have school today or tomorrow! yay [:

Anywho, this tip is a Week of One Direction, so the boys signature outfits Monday-friday!! This is just my opinion on it and how i think it should be but there are many ways:)

♥ Monday {Malik Monday} ---DJ Malik 
Zayn Jawaad Malik

So Zayn usually wears a Varsity Jacket of some kind. You can wear your school's one if you have one but those tend to weigh more. I got a cute blue one kind of like the one above at Wet Seal for $30 and it is light weight but very soft and warm:) Wet Seal also had a red one and a grey one. I got the blue one because my friends said i looked good in it, and cause I've seen a lot of pictures with Zayn wearing a dark Blue one.You can pair this with skinny jeans, I wore my jacket with Ripped ones. Zayn usually wears the blue jacket with red Nike's, i didn't have those so i wore my red converse instead.

Really anything goes, you could straighten it and leave it down and maybe twist some hair back and bobby pin it.

♥ Tuesday {Tommo Tuesday} -- Boo Bear
Louis William Tomlinson

Like most people know, Louis wears red skinny jeans and he cuffs them a bit. He wears this with a striped top and sometimes with suspenders (: You can wear all this together or just wear stripes with regular jeans or just the red jeans with a different top. He also wears navy toms (which i need to get!!).

Also doesn't really matter, you could do the same as the Zayn one or do a side ponytail. 

♥ Wednesday {I've heard that it's maybe Payne Wednesday but idk for sure} ---Daddy Direction
Liam James Payne

Liam is known for rocking a plaid top! You can wear any color fitted plaid top buttoned up. Pair this with just simple jeans and white converse.

You could french braid your hair or instead of twisting back some hair and booby pinning it, you could braid it back. Or do a side braid.

♥ Thursday {There isn't really anyone for this day so I'm just going to do Niall} --- Fresh Prince of Mullingar 
Niall James Horan

Niall looks pretty hot wearing a polo (: Wear any color fitted polo with Dark wash jeans (Niall is known for his red polo). Then wear with Supras. 

Straighten your hair and leave it down, twist some hair back and bobby pin it.

♥ Friday {again there isn't one for this day so I'll do Harry} ---Hazza
Harry Edward Styles

Wear some kind of blazer, a colored one or a navy one like he wears. Wear it unbuttoned with a white shirt under. Then wear with Skinny jeans or Khakis and white converse. Also pair with a hair bow :] Harry is almost always wearing two necklaces. So pair this with some simple necklaces. 

Curl it duh! :)

I Hope you guys like this tip:D ♥

-Krista // @niallator99
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