Week One: Tryouts!

Welcome to the Battle of the Luxe. Grab a partner and get ready for a wild ride. This weeks challenge? Tryouts. The time to see if you're the cream of the crop, the best of the best. If you have what it takes. Your challenge is this. You will each have to make a set using the same dress/shirt & shorts/shirt & skirt etc, but accessorize it completely differently. The only thing similar about the sets should be the main clothing. The fillers, colors (there could be an exception here, if the color scheme is the same, the accessories must be VERY different), shoes, bags, pictures etc must be different. This is your time to show what you're made of. To show that you honestly have what it takes to be... The Luxe. Out of everyone who tries out, 20 pairs will be chosen to move on. REMINDER: Each partner /has/ to make a set! Both sets must be entered into the contest. The only last thing we are requiring? In the set's info, write about why you think you and your partner deserve to be chosen to move on. You must make a new set, you cannot enter an old set into the contest! You have one week for this contest. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask! Good luck!

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