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Two months of 5-Day Looks for every season.
  • nothing really speciall
    "WEEK 1: Autumn Colors
    The best way to enter fall: rustic colors, classic stripes and worn skinnies." — @khwaish
  • i need you so much closer. [CA]
    "WEEK 1: Autumn Colors
    Maintaining the rich autumn palette with booties, a printed dress. Add a warm cardigan." — @khwaish
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
    "WEEK 1: Autumn Colors
    Incorporate a pop of color for a fresh look on any fall palette." — @khwaish
  • Leifsdottir Contest!
    "WEEK 1: Autumn Colors
    Soft leather with a print and jeans." — @khwaish
  • Good Riddance...
    "WEEK 2: Boyish Wears
    Belted shorts, the much-loved stripes and toughened boots." — @khwaish
  • Fall
    "WEEK 2: Boyish Wears
    Swap the classic blazer for a military jacket and give an artsy feel with a printed scarf." — @khwaish
  • Military Grunge
    "WEEK 2: Boyish Wears
    Channeling 'tough' with roughened up boots." — @khwaish
  • Supernatural: Dean and Jo.
    "WEEK 2: Boyish Wears
    Keep the cargo look with a splash of vibrant red and tomboy plaid." — @khwaish
  • queen of hearts
    "WEEK 2: Boyish Wears
    Pinstripes, graphic tee and a red fitted blazer." — @khwaish
  • Value
    "WEEK 3: Romantic Hues
    Keep the printed, autumn-geared element, and add girly-vintage pieces." — @khwaish
  • Floral Magic
    "WEEK 3: Romantic Hues
    Add tights to a girly ensemble with bows and floral prints." — @khwaish
  • the lines blur between actor and character.
    "WEEK 3: Romantic Hues
    Boho-chic accessories make a tough look and large button-up more earthy and season-appopriate." — @khwaish
  • Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:
    "WEEK 3: Romantic Hues
    Maintaining the rosy-pinks, with more winter-driven additions: jacket, boots, gloves." — @khwaish
  • Autumn Romance
    "WEEK 3: Romantic Hues
    Light pinks, plain denim and a woolly jacket." — @khwaish
  • preppy
    "WEEK 4: School-Girl Chic
    By having just one colorful accessory, the black and white ensemble is definitely sophisticated." — @khwaish
  • After All Theres Only Just The Two Of Us.
    "WEEK 4: School-Girl Chic
    Adding a whimsical tie, pinstripe shorts and oxfords makes the look preppy; the colors make it nautical and fabulous." — @khwaish
  • for mini-editor contest! :)
    "WEEK 4: School-Girl Chic
    Add a denim skirt to a blush-themed outfit to make it playful and not overly dressy." — @khwaish
  • Luna Lovegood
    "WEEK 4: School-Girl Chic
    A ruffled, girly skirt and cute ballet flats can instantly dress up a white button down." — @khwaish
  • # glitter owl tee...?
    "WEEK 5: Graphic Tees'
    A cute message paired with neutral shorts, jacket and bag stands out with monochromatic accessories and shoes." — @khwaish
  • Pumpkin
    "WEEK 5: Graphic Tees
    A bright tee can be fit for the hallway with sweet ballet flats, denim shorts, a blue cardi and statement necklace." — @khwaish
  • blaise plane to venice
    "WEEK 5: Graphic Tees
    A cropped graphic tee with a neutral layer underneath can be paired with black denim, motorcycle boots and a cocktail ring for an edgy look. Add a maxi-cable knit sweater for winter." — @khwaish
  • Blue Butterfly
    "WEEK 5: Graphic Tees
    Dress up a colorful tee with a white blazer and neutral pants." — @khwaish
  • cute stripes
    "WEEK 6: Stripes, Stripes
    A top made cute instead of plain with printed sneakers, a pastel blazer and feminine shorts" — @khwaish
  • joevette
    "WEEK 6: Stripes, Stripes
    An alternative A-line skirt and girly blouse roughened up with motorcycle boots and a punk-y bag" — @khwaish
  • One Love!
    "WEEK 6: Stripes, Stripes
    Neutral bases with a denim vest, bright tie-oxfords and studded accessory" — @khwaish
  • ...................
    "WEEK 6: Stripes, Stripes
    The classic button down with detailed shorts and the baby shoes of Mary-Janes and Oxfords." — @khwaish
  • one fine sunny day... :)
    "WEEK 6: Stripes, Stripes
    Floral top with matching accessories and girly shorts; neutral heels." — @khwaish
  • Summer Loving
    "WEEK 7: Florals
    A chunky granny-knit made sweet with light denim, a satchel and oxfords." — @khwaish
  • sorta ladylike
    "WEEK 7: Florals
    Ladylike and warm!" — @khwaish
  • rose
    "WEEK 7: Florals
    A great skirt paired with a white blouse, brown leather accessories and expressive flats." — @khwaish
  • ...
    "WEEK 7: Florals
    A flowy embroidered top and bright yet within the color scheme accessories." — @khwaish
  • Diana Agron
    "WEEK 7: Florals
    Incorporate hues from a floral tank in other pieces of your outfit, add plaid and you're set." — @khwaish
  • Regret.
    "WEEK 8: Denim
    Colorblock and textured skirt with black chunky heels." — @khwaish
  • Lookbook ~ Maddison Rothery
    "WEEK 8: Denim
    A faded jacket with rustic buttons and matching jewelry pops with super-bright heels." — @khwaish
  • endless street style!!
    "WEEK 8: Denim
    A vest with a biker edge paired with feminine counterparts." — @khwaish

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