Weekly Prep Inspiration: Bringing Summer Cheer to Fall Fashion

Ah, August: the last full month of summer. Most of us still in school are returning to classes in a few weeks, and with this transition comes a shift in the weather. But that's no reason to say goodbye to the cheery colors, fun prints, and effortless nature that characterize summertime style! Don't resign yourself to a season of endless brown, gray, and black. Preppy summer staples such as nautical stripes, pastels, beach totes, and lots of pink can easily be brought into fall with some creativity and lots of layering!
This will be a piece-by-piece outfit inspiration guide. If you'd like to view pre-made ensembles courtesy of the impeccably styled Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, scroll to the bottom!

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Wrote two years ago
Yellow Blazers!!!! *Faints* ^_^

Wrote two years ago
absolutely love the colorful blazers!