I just can't explain how much I love these pictures! I love when SHINee dress like this! they all look flawless and Taemin's hair? <3
So... about Sherlock? I guess it's quite soon to judge it but as expected they don't have a concept! why? because their 'teaser concept' is totally the opposite to what the pictures in the MV set show.... ¬—¬ but is ok for me, I prefer Minho looking this perfect https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=343550515681366&set=a.180550205314732.33645.170295366340216&type=1&theater
Actually in that pic he really looks like my hubby and not a crazy porn star on a cheap cd cover lol ok, disagree as much as you want but for me is that way... I just need to become their private fashion designer and they'll never have those 'little' fails again... lol 
and yeah that's it... I'm not in a very good mood now, my uncle is coming 'to visit' me this weekend but he's so annoying and i know he has no good intentions about his 'visit' so it'll become more or less an interrogatory about my life... gosh I don't get why he acts like if he was responsible of me just because he lives in the same continent ¬_¬ it really pisses me off, my parents know me very well and trust me 100% but he is like doubting about the way I live here, like if I was a little brat going to parties and stuff ¬¬ some people really need to get a life!
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