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december | 23rd | thursday

brunch@the ritz.
[tried something new with the set, don't know if it turned out alright...]

"You know how much trouble I'm going to get in if you spill that sh*t in my car right?" Matt asked, as I stuffed a flask in my purse, I wasn't actually going to drink it...yet. 

"Whatever," I pushed open his new Audi's back door since Sienna was sitting in the front seat making googly eyes. 

"You know one my drivers could have taken us right?" I asked her for what seemed like the millionth time that morning. 

"Yeah I know, but Matt offered." I rolled my eyes. 

Surprisingly I liked Sienna, during our shopping trip I wasn't even tempted to text Diana, call Lacey or even Facebook Poppy, except for when she was in the dressing room. 

We walked to the dining room and sat down according to the name tags, I was placed at the table with all the old students and Sienna went to sit at another table. 

I picked up the cup of tea sitting in front of me, sipping it precariously as I scanned the room. 

"This isn't spiked right?" I asked no one in general. Poppy laughed and Diana shook her head. 

"I didn't let Lacey anywhere near the tea." She laughed. 

I listened to everyone's conversations, my hangover being too much for me to handle, even though I'd drunk tons of water. 

"Hello ladies." Diana stood up from her seat, and everyone's eyes immediately went to her; conversations dropping like flies. "Did you enjoy the party?" She raised a perfectly waxed brow and everyone replied with a series of yeses.

"Hell yeah!" I said, a couple of girls shot me a joking look. 

D flashed her bright smile, "Good. Well Lace and I just wanted to officially welcome you all to D.C. now that we're all sober."

"Welcome!" I said dramatically, my voice much louder than my last outburst, I guess I was still a little tipsy. 

Lacey laughed and shook her head, "Thank you Skye, that was totally necessary." I stuck my tongue out and suddenly everyone went back to talking. 

Next semester was going to rock. 


;D [don't worry my next story will be much more eventful.]
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