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Albania is my country ,where I was born and still live in it. Evan it is a small country its is so beautiful and has so many history itself,under the roots. We are known as the land of eagle's . And in fact we "hide" so many histories about ancient things in this world. But i am not going to tell you the history . It's true that we have suffered as a nation but we are healing those wounds .We always help people and always watch them backs when they really needs us,. We are friendly and you always will find Albania as The land of hospitality. Say Also welcome to our sister Kosovo.
Anyway we also have so many mistakes inside us as a nation but we will try to solve all the problems we have. Albania is a beautiful place where you can spend your summer or winter,the 4 seasons if you want . here you will feel free .. Here are some videos that shows you the beauties of Albania.Enjoy: -Albania Hymn.
there are other videos that show the beauties of albania. I did this set to keep you in touch with Albania. Mostly don't know us so thats why i am representing you the land of eagles...Albania. Te dua Shqiperi.
@dress-like-a-queen @i-do-have-a-ch0ice-fash10n @melisa-lici @mrs-flaka @elonarashiti @cant-decide-what-to-wear-07 dhe per te gjithe miqte e mi nga Shqiperia e Kosova. shume faleminderit per mbeshtetjen tuaj. ju dua shume. ♥♥♥

*25.July.2012 :D*


Wrote two years ago
This one sets me ready for a holiday :DDDD

Wrote two years ago
me fal se kisha pare qe ishte per mua..shpresoj tia kalosh mire aty..!!!pucp puc ..thanks!!

Wrote two years ago
sa i pelqen shum!!

Wrote two years ago
@melisa-lici aa ti je kafsh !! :PPP

Wrote two years ago
o flavi pse flet anglisht :P sidomos n setin per shqiperine !!!!!!!!! :)

Wrote two years ago
This looks so amazing!

Wrote two years ago
spectacula, dear!!!

Wrote two years ago
sooooo amazing dear, love it all♥

Wrote two years ago
awww :) sa i mire ky set <3 me pelqen idea jote !!
falemnderit shume per etiketimin :)
Jam krenare qe jam shqiptare <3!!

Wrote two years ago
Awee,thank you soooo much for the gift darling!!
i really appreciate it!!so sweet of you..i love your set!!
gorgeous and amazing!!thank you soooo much!!

Wrote two years ago
this is amazing

Wrote two years ago
wow sweetie this is so cool style really love outfits here always perfect great set adore style also look so wonderful places here:)

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