Welcome to Camp Super Who! We have many fantastic summer camp activities to part in! Campers start the day off with a 6 AM run, because- seriously- there's a hell of a lot of running. Following the run is a nutritious breakfast of tea and porridge. On Tuesday the breakfast special is a Pig and a Poke with a side of bacon! Proceeding breakfast is arts and crafts including bow tie decorating, poncho weaving, and hand gun assembling. After arts and crafts will be cross country running in the woods. Oh, there will also be zombies chasing you and Daleks shooting at your head. Then there is an hour long break. Once campers are refreshed, it is lake time. Campers will practice laps for pulling children out possessed lakes and diving lessons for jumping off buildings and into the TARDIS pool.

Then there is lunch where campers have the option of fish and chips, bacon cheeseburgers, or salads. There will be a short break for students to digest before target practice with rifles, pistols, and many different weapons brought from Sub- Nebula 6249. After will be a rope course in Camp Super Who's swamp to prepare for situations in tangled areas. Campers then have the option to go into robot building for the robot showdown or creature research for the creature course; both events take place on Friday. For the last event before dinner, campers partake in the debate of the day. Debates will include the more effective way of travel (TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator) and whether Kate the werewolf deserves to live.

Dinner will include selections from different parts of the country. There will be Philly cheese steaks, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and much more! Tuesday and Thursday dinners will be English dinner nights with iconic meals straight from the best chiefs in London. Dessert will be a large selection of pies with ice creams. After dinner is Doctor Who and Supernatural airings on the screen in the cabins. Finally the night will end with a campfire to sing the classic songs of "Carry On My Wayward Son", "Heat of the Moment", and many other rock classics. The Friday night special will be an a Capella group performing "I Am The Doctor". Lights out will be at eleven although it will be tolerated if campers sneak a peak at the latest issue of "Doctor Who" magazine.

Saturday will be the most special day of the week. Campers skills will be put to a test through an obstacle course throughout the entire camp. Campers will have to dive through the lake, outrun Hell Hounds and Cybermen, swing on ropes through the swamp course, run through the thicks of Bad Wolf Woods, salt and torch the remains of the Master, and much more to find the Colt and deliver it to the TARDIS. The winner will be guest of honor at the Flannel Shirts and Bow Ties Dance. At the dance, campers can come dressed from a flannel shirt and combat boots to a full out Fourth Doctor cosplay. The dance is one final Who- rah for the end of an amazing week! So dust off your combat boots and polish your Sonic Screwdrivers and come along to Camp Super Who! It's sure to be fantastic!
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