Sunshine Starlight
It's finally that day!
Min woke up full of energy. She looked at her small room full of toys and things from her childhood.
"It's time for new adventure." She said to her cat. She perfectly knew she was going to miss him, miss her little Lucifer.
She put her hand on his head and heard his 'I-am-so-happy' sound.
"You never know who can I meet today." Min said looking at black corset and fashionable skirt that she prepared the previous day for herself to wear. "It can be YG Entertainment president or 2NE1 sunbae." Min put on herself her outfit and tighten the belt. "Or it can be the love of your life just waiting there!" The romantic side of Min -usually hidden deep inside - was telling her that something special is going to happen on the day of moving in to Sunshine Starlight's apartment.
Fully prepared Min left her room looking last one time on her belongings. She grabbed her suitcase and closed the door.
In the kitchen her family was waiting for her.
"Oh, my dear, take care of yourself! Eat a lot, sleep a lot and don't listen to any bad gossips!" Her mother hugged her warmly making her blushed from embarrasment.
"Mom, I'm going to work, not on vacation! I can't promise sleeping at least 8 hours a day!"
Min's mother was a doctor, always worried about her daughter's health.
"Look what we pack for you!" Min's dad opened big suitcase full of food. 
"Dad! Why I have refrigerator in my suitcase?!" 
"You won't be hungry! And I'm sure you will miss mom's meals!"
Min tried to convinced her parents that suitcase full of food is not necessary but they were relentless. They simply imagined that their only daughter is going to dark uncivilized jungle.
It's still good that they haven't packed her 'little survivor' equipment : appearing in new apartment with tent, sharp knifes -and knowing Min's parents -even a dozen of grenades wouldn't be a good start of living as Fire - new singer.

"And this is your room." Eun Hee, the girl's manager, pointed at door with number 5 written on it. Min quickly opened the room to see how beautiful place it was.
"I'm taking top bed!" She announced clumsily trying to get to top bed. She covered herself with pink blanket and screamed from joy underneath it.
"Yah, Min, it's not a time for nap! Come with me to see the rest of our dorm!" EunJung, the leader, said.
Min listened to her leader but before leaving her new room she looked around. "Oh, I can hide my secret things on that yellow closet next to beds!" She said to herself and jumped from excitement.

Tae Jun's POV

*Knock knock*
I can't believe I'm doing this -YG president really should pay me more.
He really wants to make this new girl group successful -but do I have the same enthusiasm about them?
Too many new bands, too many members -how to show in 4 minutes' long video personalities of 10 girls?
I'm not a person who can make miracles.
*Knock knock*
I will simply pick 5 with the most interesting features and the rest will be just a background.
"Tae Jun?" Their managers opened the door.
"Finally. The president send me here to talk with you about girls' concept and their music video." I said straight. I wasn't going to say nice and fake things about how I'm happy to work with them.
"Girls! Stay in your rooms!" She said to them and let me go in.
"You don't have to hide them from me." I said sitting comfortably. "Believe me as director I saw all of them -all of 'idols' - falling down, singing wrong notes, ripping their clothes, forcing me to yell 'cut' too many times. I will drink tea with lemon, thank you." 
She gave me that warning look 'don't be so arrogant' but I ignored her.
I could have work with Big Bang right now, not with some rookie group that is going to fail for sure.
Eun Hee came back with tea and sat in front of me.
"We're still not sure about concept..."
"You're not sure? I need to know it earlier -it taking more than five minutes to write a music video screenplay."
"I know! But it's not that easy to think of good concept that would be original."
I smiled to myself. So that was the real reason why president had send me here :to help them with concept!
"Well, we can forget about cute concept." I said.
"And sexy, we don't want next colourless Nine Muses."
"Let's find a designer for girls. I mean -look at 2NE1. They wear clothes from Jeremy Scott and everyone praise them for that!"
"You're right, Tae Jun!"

Min's POV

I was standing with my ear pressed to door. I was so curious with whom our manager was talking!
His voice was nice but his words weren't -he was too arrogant and self-confident. Pfft, he was acting like some boss!
I decided to look at him - looking never killed anyone, right?
Silently I left the room and hide myself behind a closet.
They were talking about which fashion designer pick. Or rather =they were arguing and the atmosphere wasn't good.
"Min, why comics exist? To make atmosphere good again. "I said to myself with an idea of making them laugh. 
"Hey, unni, what about jungle concept? We can have a monkey dance move!" I started dancing stupidly like monkey and making wild noises. Bright laugh left our manager's mouth but Tae Jun was sitting with poker face.
"Jungle concept isn't that bad on condition you will lock that monkey in the cage." He said to our manager, bowed to her and headed to the exit.
Instead of stopping my wild dance I jumped closer to Tae Jun hoping that my funny face would make him laugh.
But unfortunately my clumsiness appeared just in that moment - I put wrongly my feet and simply fell down on Tae Jun.
He wasn't happy when our foreheads hit each other.
"Ouch!" I said in theatrical way.
"Ouch? You should apologised your sunbae!" He got up. "Idols must be polite, remember that. " He left our apartment.
I smiled to Eun Hee. 
"Jungle concept? Let me think about it. "She smiled to me.

Oh, thanks for reading!
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