june 8 - happy summer! today is the first official day of summer break for all of you school kids. in celebration, denten moana has decided to throw a huge cookout in her backyard. bring friends and be prepared to socialize. 
My Mom was seriously, the strongest woman I have ever met. And I honestly mean that. She was strong enough to walk away from an abusive relationship after years of being verbally and physically torn down. She was strong enough to leave the place she had grown up, because she needed a fresh start somewhere different. And she was strong enough to open her own private medical practice in Kitty Hawk.
But today, she was seriously trippin on some junk.
"Jamarkus Dion Brown you better calm yourself down before I give you something to be mad about." We were arguing again. Something we had done nearly every night since moving to Kitty Hawk. Tonight she was mad because I had refused to go to the barbeque that Dawson Moana invited me to.

"Everyone in town is going to be there- all the kids. Or young adults, however you want to put it." My mom heard her at the door and piped up that I'd love to go. Of course, I didn't, but she wanted me out of the house.
"Uh yeah, well I'm still unpacking and stuff so I probably won'e be there. Thanks for the invite though." She had been trying to be really nice to me. I appreciated it, but I refused to assimilate into this place. 
I had learned though, that her family was huge. They were basically the royals of KH from what I understood.
Dawson (I remembered her name now) didn't look hurt for long. She bounced back pretty quick. "Well, I told you the address in case you change your mind." She headed back down the street to her house. The thought of going came and went. I decided I'd do a quick skype rap session with one of my boys in Atlanta.

"You don't think I have something to be angry about already?! You seriously think picking up my life and dropping me in the middle of Mayberry isn't something to be angry about?" I threw my hands into the air and stormed into the kitchen. Our house was good for storming out in arguments.The place was legit, I had to say. And Mom's new practice was doing a good job of sponsoring it.
"JJ, don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you." She grabbed my shoulder and jerked me around. Her eyes were tired. And her face looked like it had aged years in the span of three short months. "You need to understand that every sacrifice I make is for you and you sister's good."
"Yeah right, and pops hit us because there was nothing to watch on television." I snapped back. I knew I had struck a chord, but this was the first time I had actally said what I was thinking. "You moved us smack dab in the middle of this lilly white nowhere because you wanted a place to start the practice. That's fine by me. But you sure didn't have to drag me here, when I was just fine in Atlanta." I opened the fridge and grabbed a Red Bull.
My Mom cocked her hand back and before I knew it, slapped me hard across my face. "I don't care how grown you THINK you are. But you will never speak to your mama like that, you understand? Everything I've ever done, ever put myself through was for you. So don't play the sob story with me, JJ. You have had everything handed to you on a silver platter, and you still find ways to blame everyone else for everything wrong in your life." She covered her face with her hands. "Don't you understand? This is our chance. YOUR chance. For a fresh start. Why won't you take it, son?"
Tears streamed down her cheeks and I reached out for her, but she pulled away.
"Mama, I'm sorry... I didn't mean.."
"Yeah, you're always sorry, JJ. You and your Daddy, always apologizing." My Mother turned and back out of the room, shaking her head. Minutes later I heard the garage open and close, and my mother's Audi A5 pull out. She might have been going to get my baby sister, Alexis from day camp. Or maybe she was going to the grocery store. Either way, I was left alone.

"Whats up, dude? You must be the new guy Dawson keeps raving about. Heard you're pretty mysterious." Some dude with curly hair and a smile met me at the gate after I stepped into the backyard of the address she had written down earlier. "The name's Grayson. This here's Milo, Gideon, and Bo- my little brother."
They had all been gathered around talkng when I walked up. Some girls in the corner were giggling about something and kept looking at some brooding guy in the corner, smoking up. "Uh wassup. They call me JJ."
Everybody gave their nods of approval and offered hellos.

"Well JJ, welcome to Kitty Hawk."

-jj brown.
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