I quite like this set :) It's a lot happier than my usuals! Excuse my terribly grossies face, darlings!

I have modelling tonight. So very keen :) 
I am planning to shoot some outfit pictures before I go. I have the perfect spot in mind, and I think I know which outfit too. Hopefully I get to do it, as it has been a while since my last!

I have been walking every night for the last couple nights, as my therapist told me. I intersperse my walks with some jogging and sprints (which she said not to, but I must become skinny.). I go down the road I live on, and there is a beach at the end. It is so lovely and beautiful, and when I get there I always sit and stretch. It definitely does relieve some anxiety and helps me feel slightly happier.

I have decided I shall write a small poem. every. day. Just a simple, lovely poem, like many I see on Tumblr. I think I will try to make it about my day. Now I must find a lovely notebook to fill :)

Nothing very interesting has happened in my life, so I'm sorry for boring you with silly rambling, lovelies!

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