TOP SET FOR THE 22ND OF JANUARY!!!! Thank you sooo much @polyvore-editorial and @polyvor*)
Soundtrack- Calvin Harris (We'll be coming back)

Good evening, everyone!))) I've decided to make a new layout today again! It's a bit similar to my old ones, but there is also smth new!)
I was tagged by @skylar72 (she used to be @skyekiss*))
Quick quiz
blush or bronzer ;; Both are very good, but...oh, no) Can't answer!!!!
lip gloss or lipstick ;; Of course lip gloss*)
eye liner or mascara ;; Just mascara
foundation or concealer ;; Foundation!!!!
neutral or color eye shadow ;; I prefer neutral shades)
pressed or loose eye shadow ;;Maybe loose)
brushes or sponges ;; Everything*))))
OPI or china glaze ;; Mmmm... Dior) Ahah, it's hard to choose)
long or short ;; short
brights or darks ;; I wear all, but neutrals and light are better
flower or no flower ;; No flower!!!! That's awful)
perfume or body splash ;; Both and only both)))) 
lotion or body butter ;; Body butter is awesome, especially from the Body shop, but lotions are very good too*)
body wash or soap ;; I always use body wash)!!!!
lush or other bath company ;; Bath&Body, also the Body Shop)
jeans or sweat pants ;; I wear only skinny
Long sleeve or short;; Both)
dresses or skirts ;;It's unfair!!! They may be offended*)
stripes or plaid ;; plaid, i think
flip flops or sandals ;; I wear both
scarves or hats ;; Scarves) My fav is Burberry)
studs or dangly earrings ;; Dangle)
Necklaces or bracelets ;; Bracelets! And necklaces)
heels or flats ;; Heels are cooler, but I wear flts (only 14) I mean I don't wear sky high, it depends on the height of the heel)
jacket or hoodie ;; Jacket*))) Don't wear hoodeis) Just don't like them

curly or straight ;; I`m wavy-straight, but love curls) Bun or ponytail ;; Anything! But.... I think Bun)
bobby pins or butterfly clips ;; Bobby pins!
hair spray or gel ;; Spray!!!! gel- no! foolish)
long or short ;; LONG
light or dark ;; Both!)
up or down ;; Down! And up) both!

So now I'll tag some people and they'll have to do thos!)) Please, I think this is interesting!!!!!
So, @n-kr, @biljanamilenkovic, @bestdressx, @saralemon, @marija-lola-grujicic, @myduza-and-koteczka, @darkchocolatee, @born-to-be-brave, @airplane, @hug-voldemort and... @bellainpolyvore, also @earthquaker, @firstclass1 and @miss-raspberry-92))) Good luck)
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