*First set in "30 Day Challenge"*

Day 01: Your current relationship.

Well. I'm married...XD We were married in the Salt Lake City temple (pictured bottom center) on 21 June 2011. And so far it's been great!

I tried to make this set with pictures and items that really define our relationship. It's hard though, because we are so much more than what I can show here. I'll start from the top-left and spiral clockwise to the center.

1) My husband really does, honest to goodness look like Nathan Fillion and George Clooney. @tdrigg, vouche for me here. We're also tremendous 'Firefly' fans. Oh! If you're ever really bored in a bookstore go over to Sci-fi and fantasy, pick up any of the books from the "Dresdan Files" (sp?), look at the cover, and ask yourself "Are there really people who dress like that?" Yes, my husband.

2) Fire because well...yeah. And also he likes fire. If he could control any element it would be fire. (Fun fact for the day McKay (my husband's name) means "son of fire")

3) This boy wants a dragon very badly.

4) The mansion where we will live one day. It's close to perfect.

5) One of the prettiest pictures of the SLC temple I have ever seen. If you're going to get married- do it in a temple. It's the most beautiful location, it's FREE, and a performed here lasts forever (no 'til death do you part).

6) He has a strange obsession with bottles. He carries an empty one in his school bag :-/

7) Funny how this one should land here. We love Harry Potter!

8) Our love is whimsical, and magical, and if you blink at the wrong moment you might just miss it.

9) We still do love notes. And I can proudly say I have kept every single one.

10) He also needs a good sword.

11) Us! No seriously...that's one of our engagement photos. Sweet huh?

12) The outfit: One of my favorites. I through it together on a whim and that very day the cute guy in my Natural Hazards class asked me to go to a dance with him ^.^

A couple notes on the playlist:
It's a rather uncommon song, so I guess I understand. To make up for the fact that they don't have "Anywhere" by Evanescence I added our 3 other songs.

* "Inevitable" by Anberlin
"I wanna break every clock- the hands of time would never move again- We could stay in this moment- for the rest of our lives"
* "Anything For You" by Ludo
"I'd give up anything!- Anything for you- I'd give it all!- All of this is true- but the best story that I could ever tell- is the one where I am growing old with you"
* "Pull Me In" by the Graduate
"I'm just fine- I'm alive- I am home"
"I can't remember feeling less alone- When you call me yours"
"I'm falling over edges with you- I'm longing just to see your face again- I'm taking on the world to give you everything you need- while I'm away"
"Wake up with the sun- pull me in- and I'm in love with the whole world again"

The little clips on here don't do them justice. And they're all awesome songs. "Pull Me In" is especially epic when you listen to it all the way through and blast it as loud as you can.

Ummm...I guess that's it. I'll just let the music and images speak for themselves. 

I woke up with a really sore throat today. Had to skip my first class and get more sleep. But! now I must go to mythology. Only an hour to get ready. Oh good...
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