It is like a year old but if I didn't have something entered into the contest I would die and that's no fun :( and I sadly can't make anything decent for the contest because I am visiting my best friend in alabama! 


Out of water? 

That's a joke. 

At least it is to me. But while fighting alongside two other, incredibly deadly Careers has its perks, not all of them have undergone the training I have. They didn't watch countless hours of Games footage, learning the weaknesses of Careers past, finding the strengths in their strategies. To them, the Games are really just games, even if it means losing their life. But for me, the Games /is/ my life. I didn't volunteer because I thought I had a shot at winning. I volunteered because 9 years ago, when I was seven years old, I made a choice to dedicate myself to being a champion. Where others failed, I will not. 

So really...don't you know who I am by now? Don't you understand? I am Gemma, Career extraordinaire. 

Had I been on my own {and with the way the Games were passing, it wouldn't be long until my alliance required termination}, the water supply would still be intact. The others and I infiltrated the supplies at the Cornucopia, and there was plenty of water to sustain us. But...I was suspicious, and not all of them were as thoughtful as I was. Anything from the Gamemakers is dangerous, and here in the Games, everything is theirs. Not even water can be trusted. I was all for boiling the water just in case something nasty waited inside and rationing it, but others had different ideas. They didn't take the precautions I did. In the typical Career "I don't care about survival techniques" arrogance, they drank all of our supply.

As we all lie in thoughtless, agonizingly thirsty wait, some rich Sponsors got together - probably Career victors of other Games - and gave us a large package of bottled water. There was more than enough to hydrate all of us for at least a month.

But my bloodlust wouldn't stay settled for long. I could feel its razor sharp edge endlessly twisting inside of me, ready to move on anyone outside of the Career alliance that dared to find us. There weren't many left, and my new treasures were as anxious for blood as me.

As though the Gamemakers heard my silent prayer, smoke from some idiot's fire filtered into the sky like a beacon. When you weren't a Career, that was a fatal mistake.

"Do you see what I see?" I said with a smirk to a Career boy next to me. He went by Art and an Evian bottle in one hand, deadly sword in the other.

"I'd say it looks like hunting time."

And by the look he gave me, we both knew that whoever had lit that fire would not survive the night.

The odds were in our favor tonight.
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