Heyy Y'all :) I had the most wonderful-licious dandiful day ever :P 
My mother, brother, and I had went to Chuckie Cheese. Lol we went there because my brother never went there recently. I met this guy, and its weird because my friends have him as a friend, and I was looking through his profile the other day. I felt a little stalker-ish lol. How we started talking was weird..because I hit him with a basketball..Yeah don't wanna go into that lol. That's another story to tell ;)

Tee: AE ( 7.90)
Pleather Skirt: Wetseal (4.00)
Scarf : Ebay (3.85)
Shoes: Target (6.50)
Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland (A gift)
Tights: Forever21 (I think 5 dollars?)
Earrings: Forever21 ( 1.50)

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