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~Mumford & Sons feat. Birdy, Learn Me Right {TOO MUCH PERFECTION IN ONE SONG}
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BLOGGY TIME!!!!!! I will try to keep it slightly short since you'll have to read this on the side now...

1. FIRST OF ALL, I have major news guys. I recruited someone from the outside world to join Polyvore... My real life bestie! haha, so PLEASE go show her some love and follow her, like her sets, comment, send her an awesome message! She doesn't bite :) So check out @cool-carefree-nonsense right now! She's a Directioner, a Tumblr-er, and a bookworm like me so you all should automatically love her.
2. Second, this set was semi inspired by the always amazing @limabean-347 <33 
3. I WAS GOING TO DO A LONG RANT... But I'm just so tired of it, I will try to keep this to a minimum. I am so tired of Haylor... Like it'd be one thing if Harry was happy but it's clear in the pictures he's not... And it's such a huge publicity stunt like everyone knows it so please stop... I am a fan of Taylor, and obviously I'm a fan of Harry, but I don't like them /together/ at all. That's just my opinion and anyway, Haylor is getting super annoying because it's everywhere, and honestly, if it was real, it wouldn't be everywhere (hint: Haroline for one). OKAY I'LL STOP NOW I could go on and on though... 
4. YAY FOR GETTING MY FIRST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE OVER WITH!!! <3 And not to brag... But I managed to get all As, I'm very proud of myself :)) It was a crazy semester full of fun events and studying and homework and sorority stuff and other random things, but I made it through. I really do love college and I can't wait for next semester! Though for now I'm happy with a month-long break :))
5. We might possibly get snow here ON Christmas... ahh I'm so excited I hope we do!! 
6. I'm currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I got it back in 2008 (whoa that seems so long ago) when it first came out and tried to read it, but got really confused and stopped. Well now that the movie is coming out and looks really good (AND HELLO MAX IRONS #LOVEHIM) I'm trying to read it again and I'm about 80 pages in and I actually understand it this time haha! It's really good and gives me something to do at work over break since I'm the receptionist and get bored easily haha.
7. So did anyone else get any stuff from Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection at Target? I was kinda disappointed, but I did get the Oscar de la Renta tote (le drool) and the Proenza Schouler high-low sweatshirt. I really liked the A+O bike but um I didn't have $500 laying around. 
8. On Saturday, I will have had my iPhone 4 for exactly a year. #OMG 
9. Speaking of iPhones, I do love the Poly app, but I wish we could see PMs as we're replying to them because sometimes I forget when I'm going to say if I don't have the actual message in front of me, you know? I don't know that's just me also it's hard to tag...I'm sure it will be easier soon they seem to have updates pretty quick.
10. I'm having Perks feels, I really need to see it again stat gosh it was so good the cast was fantastic they all did such a great job, especially Logan and I hope he gets the recognition he deserves and the movie wins lots of awards. 
11. I finally got around to watching the VSFS a couple days ago and I thought it was really good, though I would have liked to see more of Barbi (she only modeled one outfit, the December one) and I don't know, it just seems like VS is getting skinnier and skinnier models... Like ones that aren't even like curvy (you know what VS is supposedly all about) and they just make them curvy with push-up bras and make them look even skinnier... I don't know, I feel like VS is trying to be too high fashion. I mean, I just don't picture Cara and Frida and Karlie as VS... I'm loving Doutzen (who I featured in this set) at the moment, she looked great in the show. I also liked that little background thing they did on Candice, that was cool. And I used to not like Adriana, and she's still not my favorite, but I think she really is a VS staple, like she knows how to walk and really sell VS. Erin will always be my favorite though! 
12. Please read and reblog this on tumblr, it's really important:
13. HMMM I guess I should stop now... Oh one last thing, if you watch Skins, please console me haha. I'm almost done with the entire series, I'm on like episode 5 of series 6 and I can't... Gah I'm excited for the final season though because Kaya! Effy will always be my favorite, and Freffy is my OTP though... le crey. Anyway, I'm still kind-of addicted to Netflix and plan on catching up with all my shows before school starts back up again.

GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYONE WHO STILL HAS FINALS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! (I will be most likely making a Christmas set on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day of course :)))

If you read all this, you're the bestest <33 

And tags for those who usually read my bloggys... @deercat @istylista @the-importance-of-being @diegolohve (we need to catch up!) @elizabeth-kate @tell-me-more @hijabikebabi 

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