ok, so my story is kinda lame but I'm super excited about it! and though I'm using -as always- Jaeseop I like the new approach I'm giving to my characters, hope it's not too boring! It's a little bit different from the first mini story I wrote for the contest but it's kinda a sequel and hey I'd love if more people would join me so we could make an RP of this! if not I want to thank @chomiczynka for her great idea, though I think I might have ended by writing about it sooner or later giving my obsession over CSI miami during these past months (yeah I watched 4 seasons in a row xD) Sorry if there's mistakes... I'm lazy to review this INCREDIBLY LONG first chapter! and I have to meet my friend now so yeah, sorry.... hope you like it!!!

Detective Yoo storms into the Police Department of Seoul almost kicking everything she finds in her way. Today her hair is unusually messy and her face is hidden behind a pair of oversized sunglasses, a hoodie covers her forehead, making almost impossible to notice the bruises she hasn’t had time to conceal with make up, her steps are rushed and her aura tense. 
As she steps into her office, a familiar figure also makes its way behind her. The tall man conceals a yawn by covering his mouth with his hand as he suspiciously throws a glance to his coworker furrowing his eyebrows and slightly creasing his nose. He’s aware that his work partner is hiding something just by looking at the way she’s walking; he knows her better than any other man would, he can guess her thoughts only by looking into her eyes, he never needs her to finish a phrase because he always knows what’s coming next, he can predict how her reactions would be like in most of the situations they’re put under in their extenuating work and he’s always looking forwards to see her annoyed expressions whenever he teases her; yet this time, he’s unsure of what’s exactly happening.

“Good morning Miss Sunglasses” He pretends to be completely oblivious to the strange and unnatural way she’s acting that morning as he places his bag on his locker and smirks playfully, but May has no time to argue with her annoying coworker, she immediately leaves the place after rummaging into her belongings and pushing close the door of her locker careless and hurriedly. Jaeseop lifts an eyebrow, still unable to understand what’s happening and hesitant about what his sharp gaze caught in sight as May made her way out. He had known her for over 2 years and for the first time in that time, May’s hair wasn’t perfectly brushed, falling on her shoulders gracefully, nor her lips were that vibrant red they usually were every morning. And he would have sworn that May’s forehead had a giant bruise as if something had hit… 

“Hey, are you planning to stay there all day? Hurry up, Soohyun wants to see us in the meeting’s room now, something big happened!” Interrupting his wandering on May’s behavior, Wohee, the beautiful medical examiner of the department snaps frowning jokingly, standing by the door with a smile that startles Jaeseop for a brief moment.

“Uh… err… yeah I’m coming!” The male replies as he mentally slaps himself. Jaeseop turns round ready to leave, but May’s open locker hits his inner compulsive self and he approaches to close its door, once he peeks inside, he also feels like cleaning and reorganizing her cabinet. He can’t help but wondering how his partner manages to solve crimes so meticulously being the messy person she is. He lets a sigh leave his mouth and once again he’s forced to stop his reflections as he notices May’s designer bag stained with a red print that looks like…. That is, in fact, blood. His usual calm and collected-self starts to fade away when his heart skips a beat and his breathing pace accelerates, Jaeseop stands still as his mind contemplates a million of possibilities.

“Jaeseop, what are you doing there” this morning everybody seems to repeat the same question “I heard May’s in problems, Soohyun wants all of us in the meeting’s room now!” Eli roars through the glass wall. Instead of hurriedly attend to the call, Jaeseop stands there for a few seconds until reality hits him, May needs his help. 

Earlier this morning Shin Soohyun, the young and outstanding supervisor of Seoul’s Crime Lab stepped into his office with a strange grief invading his chest. He had no idea why but his developed instinct was screaming trouble, though it could be taken as pure and awful pessimism, he was expecting something terrible to happen at any moment. That’s why he wasn’t surprised at all when May appeared in front of him with an unusual outfit for her fashionista person. If he had caught May wearing a hoodie in other circumstances his natural reaction would have been making fun of her, however this time, there’s no place for jokes, May takes off her sunglasses revealing a big bruise on her forehead, few cuts on her cheekbone and a dark mark under her eye. 

“They got Ricky” Soohyun’s eyes widen at the mention of her younger brother. “And they’re coming after me.” Few things in life have truly scared Soohyun, this one is one of them.

“Honey, calm down, we’ll find him, ok? We’ll find him” Woohee repeatedly pats May’s back in an attempt to calm her, though May looks composed and serene, she knows her best friend good enough to know that she would pass out at any minute. Right now everybody has gathered in the meeting’s room, anxious and alarmed faces are shared among the attendees once Soohyun explains that this case involves one of the members of the team and her family. 

“What the hell are you doing? Don’t touch her!” Jaeseop’s voice is firm and somehow scary when he notices Woohee consoling her friend. “She said she fought the kidnapper, probably there’s DNA traces on her clothes or her hands, you’re compromising any possible evidence, treat her as any other victim!” he speaks slowly and loudly, everybody turns their gazes to him, it seems that Jaeseop is the only person in the room who’s not shocked enough to forget how the procedure is supposed to advance. Woohee throws Jaeseop a glare but May immediately stands up from her seat.

“He’s right, I skipped the protocol.” She murmurs to herself, her expression suddenly darkens and tears menace to roll down her cheeks. “I’m so stupid I ruined the evidence!” May paces back and forth nervously, almost psychotically.

“You’re an idiot” The medical examiner reproaches to May’s partner.

“Where’s you sister?! They might go after her as well!” Eli’s the only one in the team who happens to think clearly at the moment, or probably his concern only corresponds to the fact that it’s not a secret for anyone in that office that the handsome and witty detective Kim happens to have a crush on May’s older sister since he ever first met her.

“Damn, she must be in her way to the office or probably she’s already there, I’ll call…” May’s eyes wander around the room as she tries to reach her pocket, her hands trembling. 

“Hey, hey, calm down, I’ll take care of it, I’ll protect her” Eli’s voice is soothing when he speaks and he offers her a reassuring smile before leaving the room rushed, May follows him with the eyes until he’s out of sight. As scared and worried she is, once she notices the faces of her coworkers her heart feels ease and the hope that was threatening to disappear comes back as she takes a deep breath.

“He never misses any chance to act like a squire to your sister.” Kevin, the DNA analyst of the department jokes in an attempt to relieve the tension. May smiles and replies with a simple:

“Apparently he never does.” Although it’s not the best moment for jokes, May appreciates Kevin’s efforts.

“Detective Yeo, process our victim” Soohyun orders to Hoon, May opens her mouth to protest about her recently gained tag as ‘victim’ but her boss continues to impart orders around “… and Detective Bang, you come with me, I have some issues to solve.” 

“Hey! What about me?” Jaeseop calls just when Soohyun is about to step out through the door.

“You, Mr. Kim, you’re in charge. Today there’s no other crime for us, at least not until we find Ricky.”

May and Jaeseop are an outstanding team in the criminalistics laboratory, May has an incredible instinct that most of her coworkers sanely envy while Jaeseop has an eye for detail that most of people only can dream about having, both of them fit perfectly in what Soohyun calls 3S personality –Sharp, sarcastic and smart- however, as perfectly they complement each other in the working field, they contradictorily are complete opposites. Truly speaking, they spent most of their time together arguing over the silliest stuff. Both of them are mature and intelligent, yet they behave like a pair of high school students whenever they’re not working in a case. 
In reality, deep inside, they like working together; May adores Jaeseop’s meticulousness and he always admires the way she grabs her evidence and doesn’t leave it until she gets something concrete, though they argue and profess their mutual hatred, true is that each of them represent a role model for the other. No matter how much they yell at each other of how many times May throws annoyed glares to her colleague, she would be willing to put in risk her own life in order to save her partner’s and even when he would never ever accept it, Jaeseop cares about May and he secretly feels burdened whenever he catches his teammate laughing and joking so cheerfully with other male detectives, it makes him think about how unhappy she should be working with him and how happy she would be if her teammate was someone else. Jaeseop has never shared those feelings with anyone; he’s probably not brave enough to say those words out loud because he knows that once he pronounces them, there won’t be way back and then he would be accepting that he cares about May more than he should. He has never talked about it, not even with Eli, who he could consider his best friend. Jaeseop’s lips curves into a smirk when he thinks about possible Eli’s reaction, he would have something to make fun of him for the rest of his life. Not a very good option, Jaeseop contemplates. He’s currently standing behind a one way glass, his heart shrinks a little as he watches how Hoon takes pictures of May’s bruises in the examination room, he wishes he could be the one taking care of this case. Although Hoon is brilliant, he’s afraid that he would miss something that could be crucial to find Ricky. Jaeseop takes a deep breath and looks away, just to bump into May’s miserable appearance, it hurts him to see her like that and not being able to do anything just frustrates him. He can’t stand there while May’s younger brother is in danger. Jaeseop turns around, decided to cross the door that separates him from being helpful, unfortunately, once he finally gathers the courage to disrespect Soohyun’s orders, a blonde head steps into the room. Jaeseop holds a weary sigh as a voice inside his heads questions what on Earth is Chunji doing there.

“Hey! I asked you where is May? Where’s my girlfriend?” Chunji repeats miming like if Jaeseop were a small kid. The detective rolls his eyes.

“She’s being examined” He replies pointing to the other room trough the glass. At that moment Hoon has stopped taking pictures of the evidence and May is taking off her clothes, unaware that her boyfriend and colleague are standing in the soundproof room besides. 
“I think it’s better to wait outside” Jaeseop’s voice is unusually high as he slightly push May’s boyfriend towards the exit.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure” Chunji’s eyes are still fixed on the one way mirror until Jaeseop throws him a look of deep hatred.

When May leaves the examination room, she’s not only wearing an outfit she would considered more appropriated for a detective than a hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans, she’s also carrying a huge weight into her chest, her brother had been kidnapped and she had no idea about her sister’s whereabouts. Fortunately for her, as soon as she lifts her head, her eyes meet one of the few people she wants to see in that moment.

“I came as soon as I found it. Attorney Choi gave me the rest of the day.” His girlfriend slightly smiles as she nods “It’ll be ok, love” Chunji opens his arms and snuggles May against his chest. Jaeseop clears his throat uncomfortably.

“Eli called, he’s with your sister, she’s safe. He’ll stay with her in her office in case someone might try to reach her and ask for a ransom or-“ Jaeseop sounds confused and nervous as he speaks, as if he’s fighting against an uncomfortable feeling. May stares at him confused.

“I don’t think they’ll contact her, I doubt they want money.” May separates from Chunji and her face turns serious, as it always does whenever she speaks about a case “They were coming after me, they didn’t mean to take Ricky in first place but they did it because I was giving them a hard time and then Ricky opened the door and…”

“Baby, can you explain me what happened exactly?” Chunji suddenly intersects and Jaeseop has to fight the desire he has of punching him on the face, he hates that habit of May’s boyfriend of constantly interrupting whoever who’s speaking.

“Well, Ricky woke up me this morning to take him to school cause he overslept and missed the bus” May’s face contorts and she stops for a brief moment. 

“Honey, he’ll be ok.” Chunji pat’s May’s head softly.

“Chunji, you don’t understand, it was my fault they got him.” Guilt crosses her expression and Jaeseop stares into her eyes reassuringly, as if asking her to continue “We were already in the car and I sent him to look for my phone, if I had just ignored the phone we’d have been on our way when those idiots arrived and they wouldn’t have found us…”

“But then they would have probably go for your sister or they’d have waited until you went back or…” Though Chunji is right and he’s only trying to make his girlfriend feel better, Jaeseop finds annoying that tendency of his to speak much when there’s someone who needs to be listened at.

“So Ricky went into the house again and you waited in the car.” Jaeseop doesn’t let Chunji continue.

“Yeah, he went into the house and as soon as he did a car parked behind me and two men got out of the car, both of them had guns, though I really can remember what type, I was just hoping Ricky wouldn’t come out of the house so I can’t really recall much. They told me to open the door, I thought they wanted the car so I opened the door and left the keys inside but instead of trying to run off with it, they just started to pull me with them, I defended myself as much as I could and I might have pushed one of them to the ground, he fell and” May stops midsentence like if she has just recalled something, her face kind of lights up and she frantically looks up to Jaeseop as if pleading for his help. “I think there might be some DNA traces because he bruised his arm and that’s why he hit me with the-“ she suddenly stops again. “It was a Colt Anaconda” Chunjii offers his girlfriend a confused look, he has that kind of gaze that screams –I think she’s crazy- but Jaeseop understands she’s talking about the gun. 

“A revolver Colt Anaconda-“ This time he is the one interrupting May

“Cartridge 44, an o-”

“An old gun” Jaeseop completes the sentence guessing what May is about to say, she nods.

“An old gun and there’s something else, the other one, he pointed at me on the head, my hoodie might have gunpowder dashes.

“I’ll tell Hoon to analyze it. Is there something else?” May shakes her head and Jaeseop scowls, unsure of what he wants to say “By the way, I saw your handbag, it had stains of blood on it” Chunji’s eyes widen as he looks up to his girlfriend inquisitively.

“Oh… that… Well tell Hoon to analyze it too, he knows the code to open my locker” May’s colleague knows that she is omitting some details and she looks like if she doesn’t want to talk about it, he just nods though his mind is working rapidly. Feeling guilty for distrusting her, he opens his mouth to speak.

“Er…. Well I’ll go to your house to see if I can find something, it’s better if you stay he-“

“No, of course no, I’m coming with you!” May’s voice is firm and Jaeseop knows she won’t accept a ‘no’ as response, although his reasoning keeps repeating ‘no’, he slightly nods his head.

“It could be dangerous” For the first time since he met him, Jaeseop is thankful Chunji is speaking. “I’ll come with you” May’s teammate rolls eyes annoyed; of course it was too good to be real. “You need someone to take care of you” Jaeseop mentally laughs, thinking on how on Earth would be possible for him, a spoiled, pompous, pathetic lawyer, son of a millionaire, who has never done anything by himself, protect a capable detective like May.

“It could be dangerous for you” the girl replies, her eyebrows furrowed and her upper lip lifting in exasperation. “You go back to work, I’ll keep you informed” Jaeseop walks ahead, holding the laughter and May’s ready to follow him when Chunji grabs her by the arm, forcing her to turn round. “Chunji-“ May protests and Jaeseop immediately turns back, only to find her being pulled into a kiss.

“Be careful” The blonde male smirks that signature smirk of his. Jaeseop wonders if he would ever be able to fulfill that dream he has of wiping that silly smile off his face. 

“I will” The girl grabs her boyfriend’s hand and nods, a small smile appears on her lips.

“Are you coming or you’re going to stand there day all day long?” Jaeseop grunts as he walks through the hallways. May waves her hand goodbye and hurriedly follows him, Chunji stays still, staring at her, wondering if what’s happening it’s his fault.

Around an hour later Soohyun steps again into the laboratory, two young agents trailing after him with heavy expressions. 

“Hoon!” He calls in an uncommonly loud voice that only corresponds to him whenever he’s stressed. 

“What is it?” Detective Yeo hurries to attend to his boss call.

“Where are detective Yoo and Detective Kim?” 

“Oh. Well, they went to May’s place to analyze the possible evidence there” Soohyun’s eyes widen. 

“Leave whatever you’re doing and call reinforcements.” Hoon looks confused but does as he’s told “Kiseop! Taecyeon!” He calls the two agents. “Send two patrols to Detective Yoo’s house and get ready to go there”

“Soohyun, what’s going on? I don’t understand anything!” Hoon inquires bewildered.

“They weren’t going after May, the real target was Jaeseop, do you remember the Daegu case of last month?” 

“You mean…” Hoon gulps “the… Japanese Mafia?” Soohyun nods though he’d like Hoon was mistaken.

“They’re coming after us” He finally says after a brief silence “But we’ll get them first.” Hoon has never heard Soohyun’s voice so determinated.
*insert epic music here*

OMG! I just realized that Standing Still could be an amazing soundtrack for this story! lol sooooooo how was it? way too boring? xD
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