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Hyewon’s POV

So much for having a peaceful night’s sleep. I woke up to a smack in the face thanks to Jonghun’s stupid arm.

“Ya...” I threw his arm off of me. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?!”
“Mmmhm..” Was the only response I got back.
As I began pushing him off the bed I immediately stopped when I found out he was still lacking pants and a shirt... 
“Ya, why don’t you ever have clothes on! This isn’t your house!”
“Are you even awake?” I moved his hair out of his face. Ugh. He was so cute sleeping like that. It annoyed me so much.
I grabbed my pillow and started to smack him with it repeatedly.
“You ungrateful, annoying, selfish, brat!”

Jonghun yanked on my pillow and pulled me back into bed.
“Shut up... You’re too noisy...” He mumbled.

I got back up from the bed and grabbed my clothes. “Fine. You can stay here all you want. I’m going to go hang out with my friends.” I quickly got ready and said a quick “bye bye” in english before leaving the room. Let’s just hope I don’t run into him at the party.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was time to get ready for the party. When I came back hanging out with the girls I saw Jonghun was already getting ready.
“Well hello, Mr. Handsome!” I said enthusiastically.
“I know right?” Jonghun said while taking out his phone. Probably to take more of those dumb selcas...

I wanted to hurry and get ready so Jonghun would see me with my outfit. I kept replaying over in my mind his reaction for when he’ll see me. Maybe something like, “Wow, you clean up well!” or “That short hair really does make you look prettier!” Aigoo.. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face!

I slowly stepped out of the bathroom after I was finished. Who could resist a girl in a black lace dress? “I’m all ready!” I announced.

I stared blankly at the empty room. THAT JERK LEFT WITHOUT ME!

“Aishh.. this guy..” I mumbled. “I didn’t even want him to go with me to the party anyway!”

At the party, I mainly hung out with the girls as usual. I could not stop thinking about Jonghun though. He was giving me a headache! I’m happy my friends were in a good mood though. Even Jieun was dressed as a fashionista!

“Look look look, that’s him over there!” Jieun pointed to some guy in the crowd.
“Where?” Minjee asked.
“Over there! He’s talking to Sunggyu, Yoseob, and Jonghun. And...” Jieun paused. “Where’s Minhyuk?”
“More like where is Hyeri? I haven’t seen her yet either.” Hyomin added.
“Sunggyu.. Yoseob.. JONGHUN? Did you say Jonghun??” I acted like I was having a mini heart attack.
“Omo.” Na Eun fanned my blushing face.
“Yes babo. Jonghun. Enigma’s leader!”
“What? He’s the leader of that stupid band you’re obsessed with?” I asked.
“Girls.. shut up, they’re looking at us!” Eunji put her hands over her face to hide her blushing cheeks.
Oh my god Jonghun was looking right at my face. I wasn’t sure if I should wave or run away.

“What are you doing? Wave!” Hyomin pushed me out of our circle.
I turned around to join the girls again but the group magically disappeared. Of course...

“So I see you didn’t want to wait for me...” I casually said to Jonghun.
“What, are we dating now?”
“NO! I was just.. I don’t know... NEVERMIND!”
Jonghun laughed at my embarrassing behavior. “Well, at least you dressed nice.”
“What?” I wasn’t sure if I heard that right... was that a compliment?
“It’s a shame you had to cut your hair though... it looked pretty when it was long.” He added.
“WHAT? YA! I still would have had my long hair if it wasn’t for your stupid gum!”
“Oh really? You didn’t cut it off on purpose?”
“Aishh.. you really get on my nerves I hope you-”
“Quiet. The countdown is starting.” Jonghun interrupted.
Everyone was screaming out numbers while I was giving Jonghun a cold stare. As much as I’ve been rude to him, I had wished we would be closer... gosh.. what is wrong with me?
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone cheered.
“What are you looking at me like that for?” Jonghun noticed my grumpy face. “Were you waiting for me to kiss you?”
“No...” I lied. 

I wanted to kiss that stupid boy so bad.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you girls don't mind me using some of your characters. :)
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