The set and story don't match at all. Also it mentions domestic abuse so please be aware of that.

Elena Kingsley
Age : 17
Date 18/02.


"I am just saying you could have at least played attention to me." Cooper said frowning looking over at me annoyed. I rolled my eyes at him not looking up my from my book , "You were doing dumb things with your mates. Why do i need to play attention to that? I am sure men will be idiots until the end of time. So i didn't really miss anything did i?"

Cooper and I were currently hiding out in my books store , he was nursing a hang over which i wasn't really helping with but hey atleast i didn't make him go home and deal with his parents.

"You are my girlfriend." He growled. I raised an eyebrow turning to face him. 

"Really? I had no idea at all Coop. " I said sarcastically. "And what do you even mean. Are you saying i have to be impressed at the fact you and your mates were acting like massive wan.kers last night , just because i am your girlfriend?"

"Maybe it means you should act like a girlfriend in general." He mumbled. I scoffed at him "You are kidding right? I am a great girlfriend." I said huffing , yes i sounded a little pretentious but i went out of my way last night to help him thinking he was a good guy.

He shrugged looking away. 

"Oh/My/God!" I snapped "I spend my night dragging you here so you don't get into sh.t with your parents and potential risk getting in trouble myself and you think i need to be acting more like a girlfriend." I said standing up and stomping my feet just to make his headache worse. "What does that even mean Cooper , act more like a girlfriend?"

"It's means you should be grateful. " He said infuriating more.

"Grateful for what Cooper?" I gritted out glaring at him , he ran a hand through his already messy hair, the hair i would normally find charming and a little sexy was now irrating and stupid and i wanted to be petty and point out that he needed to brush it but i bit that back.

"That i would go out with you." He said after a few minutes. 

"I should be grateful that you dated a poor girl like me." I mocked "Are you seriously that conceited Cooper? That any girl should be oh so thankful you decided they were 'worthy' of you."

"No." He snapped. "Just you."

"Excuse me?"

"I mean you aren't exactly my normal type. You and that little dorky friend of yours."

"Your normal type being brainless sIuts. You are right Cooper , I am not like them and that is something i am grateful for." I snapped "And don't say sh.t about Tom you a.sshole."


"You right. Whatever." I said rolling my eyes "Get out of my mother shop before i call the cops." I chriped smirking.

" you." He said standing up and heading towards the exit.

"In your dreams Coop." I said watching him leave.

I think i just had my first real break up and instead felling like my world was crushed and i would never love again , I felt annoyed and a little angry.

But like Cooper said whatever.

It wasn't long till my mum came in coffee in hand and eyebrow cocked up in confusion "Elena?" she said looking over at me curiously. "What exactly are you doing here?"

"Reading." I said shrugging "I think Cooper and I broke up." I added conversationally. My mother looked stunned "Aww Ellie." She said coming over and hugging me "Are you okay?"

"Mum." I said drawing the word out slight embarrassed by the hug but also very comforted. " I am fine. At least i think so."

She pulled back keeping her arms around my shoulders "You think you are okay?" She repeated slightly confused. "I remember my first heartbreak i was in tears."

I shrugged "I am gonna go see if Tommy is alright." I said to mother who nodded, It was something that both my parents and i had done from time to time. Tommy's dad wasn't the best parent , no infact i would say he was the worst parent in the history of parents. 

"And if i start burst into tears , I will let you know." I said with a small smile , she just rolled her eyes at me. 


"Open up Tommy." I yelled banging on the wooden door. Tom's house was warn down from years off neglect. The lawns hadn't been mowed in months , one of the windows had a rather large crack in it and the wooden fence surrounding the house had more than a few holes in it.

"I know you are home and i know he isn't." I said , It was a well known fact that Mr Harrington would be down at the local pub sitting on the third stool from the right , hassling some poor bar maid and watching last nights rugby match , spending all the welfare money he claims on cheap booze and cigarettes.

I heard the shuffling off feet head towards the door and in a few seconds it opened. "Tommy." I gasped quickly given him a hug. This is what my parents and I checked for , Tommy who was probably one of the best people i've met in my life not that i'd ever tell him that out loud was standing infront of me he had one black eye , a busted up lip and his arms were covered in bruises. "Oh my god." I whispered.

He shrugged me off attempting to smile "It isn't as bad as it looks Elle. Honestly." He said moving aside "Do you wanna?" He asked gesturing to the inside of his , i nodded walking in. The inside of the house was just as bad as the outside , the small couch had rips and tears , the small tv flickered with static , the wallpaper was stained and the paint on the ceiling was pealing off.

"I'll just go make some tea?" He said wincing slightly , I shook my head "No , You go sit rest , I'll put the kettle on and get the first aid kit." I said softly. Those my mum was talking about earlier were threatening to spill out of my eyes for a completely different reason.

I walked into the run down kitchen taking a deep breathe. I could understand Tommy for the life of me , this wasn't a one off occasion this happened so many times now and Tommy stuck around out of some sort stupid loyalty to this man ,no this monster.

"Do you wanna stay around mine tonight?" I asked grabbing two chipped cups from the cupboard and grabbing the first aid kit from the draw. 

"No i better not." Tommy said , I walked out back to the lounge room first aid kit in hand. "Lets see if i can help?" I said looking at him sadly. I knew he hated it , the pity but i couldn't help it. He was my bestfriend after all.

I opened the first aid kit which i kept full incase this were to happen. "Bandages, no. Band- Aids , no. Savlon , maybe." I said as i rummaged throw the small pack. "This might hurt." I said as i put the cream on a cotton ball , Tommy shrugged "So i think Cooper and I broke up." I said as i dabbed his lip , Tom winced "Why? i thought he was like totally hot." He said mockingly once again attempting to smile.

"He is and he knows it." I said rolling my eyes "But seriously he goes off at me about not playing attention to him. What the f,ck right?"

Tommy looked up "Are you okay?" he said softly. I looked away wondering how Tommy could care about my petty little relationship , one that he warned me away from to begin with , over his own well being. "Yeah , I am fine." I said "I feel like i should be sad but i am not."

"Well the dude was a face."

"True." I said with a grin. "You should have listened to me."

"I should have." I repeated "Now i'll go make the tea and then we will go pack."

"Pack?" Tommy said panicked. "Elena i already told you." He started looking over at me stubbornly. 

"I know you did but i am not going to let you stay here and have this happen to you. What kinda friend would i be if i did." I argued back. "I can't just leave you here."

"It's not upto you." He snapped "This is between me and my father."

"That man isn't a father Tom." I said sighing "Look i am not making you come with me forever but just for a little bit and i'll get my dad to talk to your father- " I said.

"I can't leave him. I am all he has left Elena." Tommy said his voice cracking , his eyes watering. "His all i have left Elle."

"You have me." I said shrugging "And my parents adore you."

"It's not the same."

"No its better."
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