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Sorry for no NWH story last week. I had no inspiration, but be prepared for today because I have one now!

Wednesday, September 21st: Books Boutique is remodeling for the fall season, so come on down one last time before it closes for a few months. 

"Books Boutique," Thomas said, glancing around the familiar aisles and the familiar scent of linen and fresh printed books. "Remember what happened here?"

I smiled up at him. "Our first makeout session, how could I forget?"

Thomas squeezed my hand. "Care to reminisce?"

I giggled, feeling much younger than my twenty-three-year-old self. Thomas led me to the back corner, to, ironically, the religious section of the store. It was tucked away from view of the the registers and from the children's section, the perfect place for a young couple like us to spark the flame that had been seeming to dwindle.

"Thomas," I said against his cheek, my lips drawing up to his left ear. "I think I'm ready."

"Ready for what?" Thomas asked softly, bringing his hand to tangle in my hair. His lips brushed mine tentatively. 

I closed my eyes, taking in his breath as he took in mine. We were one again. Not just a wife and a husband living together, but not really living. We were really alive again, and I was ready to show him that.

"To try again," I answered, opening my eyes and staring into his. He blinked, slightly taken aback. His hand was still resting on my back, but his lips parted and he stopped kissing me.

He searched my face and all I could do was smile. "I'm ready, Thomas. I want to try again."

"You want..." Thomas choked, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, clearly trying to regain what he thought he had: a macho manliness. "You want to try starting a family again?"

"We're already a family Thomas," I told him slowly. "But we're not complete yet."

He bit his lip, his eyes lighting up. "Are you sure?"

I nodded. "Do you want to?"

Then he flat-out grinned. "Of course I do, Olivia."

I hugged him tightly, my head on his chest, his arms around me and I could tell his mind was already going somewhere else as his hand moved southward. 

"Thomas," I warned, smirking. 

"What?" Thomas asked innocently. "I believe you know how babies are made."

Then I smacked him, but then I kissed him, and then I felt like I could do anything and it would all just be okay as long as he was there.

{comment if you read please!! Sorry I didn't include anyone, but I just love writing Oli and Thomas' chemistry together!}
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