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~ Yellowcard \\ Ocean Avenue

Yeah so I was taking an arts and crafts class because I had nothing to do this summer. Apparently this week we were making woven bracelets... friendship bracelets I think they were called? I kept on failing on making the most simplest bracelet for 3 times... Ah why am I never good at girly things like sewing or making bracelets or making friends with other girls or cooking. 

Bought a couple of books. I have a strange addiction with bookstores, as I could spend hours just browsing and browsing the shelves. I bought Bless me Ultima {boring school reading}, The Glass Castle, and Perks of Being a Wallflower {I have a strange habit of wanting to own a book that I've read already.} My mom got so mad because she was wondering why I couldn't just borrow the books from the library.
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