oh girls, they want to have fun ♥.

go listen to this version, guys. it's by greg laswell and it's heartbreaking. i'm just crying alone in my hotel room right now, nbd.

oh and this is my first attempt at like a body-person-outfit set thing, so don't hate me if it sucks Dx i tried to make it less preppy by using cool pictures and whatnot, and i personally love it.
so suck it, acca-bitches.

soooo miami is awesome cx
loooots of amazing food, and i went shopping yesterday and obtained glorious purchases. i'm happy ^_^
my mom has a buttload of meetings today, so i'm on my own! i think i'll go for a run on the beach, swim a little, do some blogilates, and then try to work on my essay. i also might troop the streets looking for trouble (; or at least food lol. maybe boys. you never know.

OH YEAH, i wore the anchor shirt from this set yesterday! i just wore it with dark denim cutoffs, and those navy toms biminis (:
i am just too cute sometimes.
stay tuned for my trip outfits one of these days! my hotel room doesn't have a full length mirror (wtf??) so bear with me; on some them, you can't see my shoes and whatnot :p

anyway, i should probably start getting ready for my run! it's actually kind of chilly here, so idk what to wear... and i've never run on the beach or just outside in general before, so we'll see how this goes :3
do i hold my ipod, bring a bag, what? i'm so lost lol xD

actually, i think i'll wait until it warms up to a sweltering 60*F haha. that'll give me time to digest the yummy banana pancakes i just had ^_^

ok, enough rambling.
stay gold, ladies.
stay gold.
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