the captain and the hourglass ll laura marling

Name: Tucker Abrams 
Age: 18
Race/Type: Human

Likes: basketball, Coors (no light alcohol for this mothersucker), shallow girls, miniskirts, dumb blondes, short dresses, stealing from the 7/11 in town, video games, his dog, junk food
Dislikes: vegetarians, uggs, northfaces, sweat pants – any time a girl covers up her goodies, Tucker dislikes – cowards, weird people, losers, nerds. Basically, if someone isn’t normal or a girl covers up, Tucker hates it. 
Personality: Think of Tucker as the stereotypical jock. All that goes through his mind is ‘girlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirls ‘and the occasional ‘food ‘and ‘basketball ‘ here and there. He’s the captain of the basketball team. All of his friends are on the basketball team. Most of the girls he dates cheer for the basketball team. His life is centered on basketball and girls. You’ll always find him wearing his varsity jacket and drinking cheap beer in the back of his beat up truck. Tucker is definitely one of the people who won’t leave Belgrade after graduation. 
Music Taste: Rap music. Think Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, and some occasional Pitbull here and there. He’s also a fan of pop music, but tries not to show it. His ipod may or may not have Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream on it. 
Occupation: How would the captain of the basketball team have time for anything other than b-ball and girls? 
Bio: As aforementioned, Tucker is a stereotypical jock, and he always has been. When you’re the son of Mayor Abrams things come easily to you – whether it be the homecoming king, a spot on the newspaper; or in Tuckers case, captain of the basketball team. However, even if things are handed to him on a silver platter, he is widely accepted as one of the most popular guys at BSS. He has at least 40 contacts on his cell phone – which is a lot in Belgrade – and 200 facebook friends (aka almost everyone in BSS). There’s not much to him, and he’s not very smart. But he is hot, and that’s what gets him the girls. 
Biggest Secret: Tucker recently was grounded because he lost a game. In order to become un-grounded, his parents are making him work. Well, sort of. He’s babysitting a kid a few blocks away. This kid is /very/ weird, what with her special diet of reddish ‘ formula ‘ and her constant need to bite Tucker. 
Little does Tucker know, however, that he’s not just babysitting /a/ kid, but he’s babysitting /his own/ kid. 
 Adam Abrams . 50 . father . think zack galifianakis with blonde hair
Michelle Abrams . 47 . mother . think a fat Hilary Clinton with long hair
Lana Harrison . 4 . daughter . Suri Cruise

Model: Max Irons
Collection: one second
Taken by: @carrot-ninja 
1; Tell us a little bit about yourself (about your past, what you like, what you don’t, etc) 
Well, I grew up in Belgrade. I live in Belgrade. I’ll probably live in Belgrade for the rest of my life. Anyways, I guess I had a good life when I was a kid. But lemme tell you, I really did get it on when I was 14, if you know what I mean! ;)

2; What do you think about Belgrade? 
I love the smell of it, but I certainly wouldn’t mind living in a city with more chicks. I’m a little sick of Prissy Snow, Savannah Ravenwood and the like. I’m so sick of Miss Minnesota’s. 
3; How do you feel about the local murders and missing persons? 
Well, it’s not effecting me, so why should I care?
4; Do you believe in the supernatural?
Nah, that stuff is only in picture books!
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