When I Saw Her Standing There- the Beatles

Oh my McCartney my 'date' was PERFECT! My mom loved him, and the slippery snow caused me to be in his arms two extra times c;
We hugged at the end like normal. He hugs me all the time when we're out alone or with a few friends, but he acts different around a ton of people.... 

My favorite quote he said was "My mom says that men think with their penis." cx 
As in they're very perverted most of the time. 
But he isn't around me... He's extremely sweet. He won't even hit me back if I playfully slug his shoulder or something... I like that. I like that a lot.


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@boy4fashion I think you do cx
Me too! I'm meeting his mom (the one who said that quote) in January, and I am so excited! We're going to a hockey game, so it won't be quite so awkward this time.

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United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

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Your Personal Best

Your Personal Best

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Creating Beauty to Share

Creating Beauty to Share

We Live in Africa ~ Our Design Inspiration is Nature ~ Our Purpose Is People ~ Creating Beauty to Share
This group is open to everyone...We as people are all connected...We will have many contests with prizes. Let's share our Polyvore creations using products from The Leakey Collection to spread the word about the beauty of fair trade.
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♡ fashion lovers ♡

♡ fashion lovers ♡

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