he mele no lilo // lilo and stitch soundtrack 

Name: Priscilla A. Barrentine
Nicknames: Prissy
Age: 20
Birthday: 16 October
Where from: Vail, Colorado
Job: Rapunzel
School: n/a

Wednesday June 13: The summer season has started and Disney would like to welcome all new and returning staff members. To celebrate this occasion Disney is hosting a dinner for park employees and offsite employees. It will be held at the Disney Hotel. This will be a great chance for you to mingle and get to know everyone you will be working with this summer. 


Baby Jesus is my surfboard. It even says so on his underside in electric blue airbrush lettering. He's named for the dreadlocked man that sold him to me in Malibu. 

Early the morning of the dinner, I was crouched on the kitchen table gnawing on a cherry Pop-Tart and considering Baby Jesus. He was propped in a corner of the sitting room. I was too afraid to leave him strapped to the roof of my mint green, piece of crap El Camino. I had it in my mind someone might want to steal him. As if he was some sort of prise. Baby Jesus was all scuffs and dents. No spring chicken, that's for certain. But I liked that. He had a story to tell. Yes, he had character. 
I nodded at the surfboard, as if having reached a decision. "You're okay, old man," I told him. 
Karma and Dee were still asleep. As they should have been. It was five in the morning. 
I was an early riser. I had early morning swells to catch before all the tourists swarmed in. Not that I minded tourists. Without them, I'd be out of a job. But there was nothing like riding a wave in the soft glow of sunrise. 

Besides, I needed the time alone with my thoughts. 
I was still on probation because of that toe fungus Keir Edevane - the Flynn Rider face character. Well, we were both on probation. Management had been breathing down our necks for the past three weeks, and it was entirely his fault. 
It wasn't in my nature to dislike anyone, much less hate them. 
But Keir?
He took every opportunity to irritate me. Calling /me/ his "sidekick." As if children came from all over to see him and not me. Oh, yes, because the movie was called "Flynn" and not "Rapunzel." 
He said to me, "Your wig and dress are swell and all, but I think we both know I'm the real attraction here." 
I knew even Keir didn't believe that. He just wanted to get a rise out of me. Wanted to make me angry. It was like some sort of twisted game he liked to play. 
So, I called him a "pompous fathead," and it eventually escalated into an all-out shouting match. I was this close to punching him, when we both realised we were in the presence of a small boy and girl, both of whom were leaking tears of devastation. Their mother reported us, naturally. I would have too. 
Well, if he hadn't been irritating me, none of it would've happened! 
I never uttered an insult in my life before Keir Edevane, much less flinged them venomously at people while small children looked on. It was embarrassing. And totally out of character for me.
But Keir had that effect on me. This terrible, hateful person came to the surface in his presence. Maybe it was his freakishly perfect face and straight teeth. That irksome, smug rictus he wore after calling me his sidekick...
I mean, sure he was attractive in an obvious sort of way, but I didn't have time to fancy him. He took to tap-dancing on my nerves almost immediately. 
I hoped I would not bump into him at the dinner that night. 

Around three in the afternoon, I got back from the beach and showered. Wrapped in my TMNT towel, I went looking for something to snack on in the kitchen. 
Sitting on the counter, with her legs dangling and a glass of lemonade in her hand, was Karma. She platypus clicked a greeting at me. I told myself that if I ever began understanding her clicking, it would be time for me to move out. 
"Taking Tarzan to that thing tonight?" she asked as I scrounged around in the refrigerator for the pineapple juice. 
"His name is Paul," I replied. "And no. I had planned on taking you...that is, if you haven't already made arrangements." 
"In your Camino?" 
I shrugged with an apologetic grin. "Yeah." 
Karma smiled. "Okay, sure."
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Wrote 4 years ago
no comment from cat

Wrote 4 years ago
@wishes-and-dreams Oh, believe me, Dee, I've shaken a frying pan at that man more than once. He's just lucky violence isn't in my nature. ~ Prissy
{Thank you, lovely!}

Wrote 4 years ago
You let that pompous fathead have it, darlin'. But next time, use the frying pan or somethin'. And please stop sittin' I put food on, the pair of you.
xx, dee
[I love writing in her southern drawl. heh. and this set is divine~]

Wrote 4 years ago
@semper-eadem Yes, haha, they're very much like cats sitting/lounging wherever they please. I do not have plans for them, so please do go on with it if you want, cher.




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