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Grace Milton;
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“You know I seem to remember that you two said you weren’t stalking me you just happened to be going to the same place as me for summer vacation.” I commented casually, flinging myself over the back of the couch Thomas and Karl were sitting on so that I landed in their laps.

“Yeah. What of it?” Karl asked me.

“Well the fact that you’ve spent almost literally every second of your holiday here says otherwise.” I pointed out, sitting up so I was sitting between them, “And not that I’m complaining but you seriously need to stop.”

“So really you are complaining.” Thomas said with a little frown, as if trying to work out if I was complaining or not. Cutie.

“Yes. I am.” I said, ruffling his hair. “Spend time here if you want just not all of it. Okay?”

“Like we want to spend all our time with you anyway.” Karl sneered, which was cute since that was what he’d been doing for the past 2 weeks.

“See your words say one thing but your actions say something completely different.” I singsonged, once again wondering why they’d even bothered to come. I could think of no reasons.

“I’ll have you know I have a date tonight.” He sniffed haughtily. That was beyond surprising to me.

“Really?” I asked shock colouring my voice.

“Don’t sound so surprised.” Karl commented dryly. 

“I’m not surprised someone would want to date you.” I already knew from Brown girls that stupid existed in the world, “I”m surprised you’ve found someone to since you seemingly spend every singly fcking waking moment here.”

“I told you I don’t spend all my time here.”

“That’s a lie.” Thomas chimed in, reminding my why he was my best friend, “She’s staying at the same hotel. We were in the same elevator as her this morning.” He explained. Karl looked less than impressed at Thomas’ betrayal.

“Thank you for you honesty.” I smiled at Thomas, wrapping my arms around him.

“In return for my honesty can I come over here tonight?” He asked hopefully. I wondered when I’d started to think of Thomas as a small child that need protected or something. He certainly seemed more vulnerable lately.

“You’ve never asked my permission before.” I snorted since that was kind of how this conversation started.

“You just said you wanted me to spend less time with you.” He pointed out. Which wasn’t how I meant it to come across, so oops. Well maybe to Karl, but those two were a two for one deal of trouble.

“Well since you asked so nicely how about we go out on our own date tonight?” I asked him with a smile. I hadn’t had quality Grace and Thomas time in a long time. I missed it.

“Yes please.” He nodded enthusiastically whilst Karl sent us the weirdest look. I couldn’t place it.

Not that I cared.


“Where are you off to dressed up so pretty?” Clover asked, appearing in the door to the living room as I tired to sneak off.

“This is how I always dress.” I pointed out with a roll of my eyes. Or at least how I always dressed recently.

“It’s more the sneaking out that’s conspicuous.” Shay materialised from behind Clover. What had those two even been doing, just waiting for someone to pester.

“I’m not sneaking out.” I said defensively, even though I totally was.

“Nice try.” Shay snorted at me, “Why else are you shoes in your hand.” Oops. She’d caught me out there.

“Fine. Karl has a date tonight and Thomas is lonely so we’re going out to dinner.” I explained. Clover and Shay exchanged one of those looks so I added, “As friends.”

“And are you alright with that?” Clover asked me in concern, returning her eyes to me.

“Thomas has been my friend for almost a hundred years,” I snorted because as much as I complained I did like spending time with him, “Somehow I think I’ll survive.”

“That’s not what I-“ Clover started to say but Shay cut her off.

“Well you’re loss I guess.”

“What exactly is my loss?” I asked in confusion since her words made no sense. She was probably just trying to cut Clover off which was pointless. She was clearly going to say that’s not what I meant.

“We were going to play a mean game of Trivial Pursuit.” Clover interjected. Whether that was a neat save or they really were going to play Trivial pursuit I couldn’t tell. And didn’t know which was sader.

“Right. You two have fun with that.” I shot them an odd move, slipping my shoes on before heading for the door, “I have actually interesting things to do tonight.” I said, exiting the house to find Thomas waiting on the door step for me.

“What’s up?” He asked me with a smile, slinging his arm over my shoulder as we began walking.

“The girls are being weird.” I rolled my eyes with a sigh, wondering exactly what was in the water here.

“How so?” He asked curiously, seemingly back to old Thomas. Maybe Karl was right and the beachy air was doing him good.

“I said I was going out with you because Karl had a date right, and Clover was asking me if I was okay with that?” I explained as simply as I could, “You’re one of my best friends why wouldn’t I be okay with that.”

Thomas started laughing at that, though I had no idea what was so funny, “I’m sorry.” He chocked out at the glare I shot him, “It’s just you really don’t know?”

“No.” I answered testily, which quickly shut him up.

“They think you and Karl fancy each other.” He explained bluntly.

“No!” Was my automatic reaction before I stopped and thought about it. Thinking things over it did make sense, “Really?” I asked.

“Yep.” Thomas shrugged, “Clearly living in a sorority house wasn’t enough cliche for them. They’ve looking for love hate relationships.”

“You don’t agree with them do you?” I asked with narrowed eyes.

Thomas looked startled for a second before quickly shaking his head, “NO! Of course not.” He placated me, “You’d kill each other first.”

“Exactly. Glad that’s agreed.” I sighed, as we continued to walk, “How do I get them to drop that ludicrous idea though?”

“I don’t know I’m not a college girl.” Thomas shrugged, fat lot of use he was, “I don’t think like them.”

“But what would you do?” I pressed him for an answer since I was at a head end.

“I don’t know. Find someone else to date?” He shrugged. That could work.

That could definitely work. Anything to get the ludicrous idea of me and Karl out of their heads.

That would never happen. Not in a million years.
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