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'cause that's just ridiculously on
well for sure she's gonna get it

time to dance / panic! at the disco

hey guys. :)
what's up?
i hope this doesn't shift. but mostly i hope you guys like it.
i had to include brendon in here. @breathtaking-batman muahahahaa :)
meow. :)
i want that romper! which i saw in @w0lf-teeth's set. i love your sets, man. :) this whole thing i pretty much inspired by you. :) lol.
anway, i'm really liking this quote right now:
"everyone is a genius. but if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it'll go the rest of it's life feeling dumb."

why the hell am i typing pointless shit?
well, anyway, you guys can always pm me! i don't bite just lick.
hehe. :D



watch? ( i'm ugly. )

you should follow these people :
@itsari (shanks for the follow on youtube!)

next set will have these and more. ♥
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